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Unexpected update eh?

Anyways, I'm going to introduce you something brand new and something cool (sarcasm) on forum... The Dark Mode.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is the new forum theme inspired by iOS 11's Dark Mode Smart Invert (As a iOS User, that mode sucks anyway).
The main feature of this theme is to reduce the amount of white color on forum as much as possible.

May I preview it?

Why Dark Mode?
1) Using Forum with white background hurt some people's eye especially at night. This mode is made for people who are photosensitive to lights (like me).
2) OLED Benefits. Dark theme may increase battery life on any OLED display device (theoretically)
3) It works so much better than iOS Smart Invert. You'll enjoying dark theme everywhere on this forum. Unlike Apple's version, it doesn't work on any third party app. (Apple plz fix)
4) Don't you think it look good?

How do I get it?
Go to "Style Chooser" at bottom left corner of the page to select theme.
After you opened the theme menu, go and select FA Dark Mode. Ya... that's all.
(I cannot guarantee this mode is free from any problems)

There ya go, an update to a near dead forum. Shoulda have made this when Xeal is alive.

Enjoy the joke update
Hey guys,

In light of our recent events relating to our Minecraft Network, we have decided to keep the forums and community alive by introducing a few new changes.

Community Staff Positions
We are introducing a new set of staff positions for our community. Notably, we have introduced the Content Curator and Content Editor roles, which will be responsible for filling up this section with noteworthy information or even give their opinion on the relevant updates in the gaming scene to keep us updated.

Forums Restructuring
You may have noticed that the forums have been re-organised! You may now discuss about other games and servers in our new forum located on our discussions section. You may also want to provide ideas to the community or host your events/giveaways while using Xeal Gaming as a platform. In addition, the old Minecraft Matters forum has been archived and can be found here

We hope that these changes will be well-received by the community.

Thank you.

Community Manager
Xeal Gaming Community
Hey guys,

It has been 3 years since the establishment of Xeal and we are very disheartened to announce that Xeal Gaming Minecraft Network will be closing by the end of this month. We are currently facing difficulties managing such an established server during this time, especially with our shortage of available manpower and insufficient funding, which lead to a decline in the server’s upkeep standards.

Our tentative closing date will be on 30 Sep 2016.

We understand that this may seem very sudden to all of you, but it has been brought up many times in our staff discussions for some time now and we have come to a consensus that closing Xeal Minecraft is the best way for all of us in the long run. We apologise for any players applying for ranks or wishing to further your progress in Xeal Minecraft and hope that you are able to understand our current predicament.

Our Forums (at xealgaming.net) and Discord server (at discord.gg/nYZNWNa) will still be up even after Xeal Minecraft closes, to keep the bond between players alive and to keep in touch. There may be future updates on Xeal's fate, hence it would be heartening if players are still active in these respective platforms.

To lighten up our last days of Xeal, we will be granting Donor perks to...
Hola everyone,
Here are some of this week's updates!

1.10 Update
We've finally updated our servers to 1.10!
New Features include..

There's no need to spam your spacebar whilst jumping up our mountains anymore. :wink:
Walking/Running towards an area 1 block high will automatically make you jump. If you're not used to this, you can always switch it off in your controls menu.

**New blocks!
Spice up your builds with new Nether Wart Blocks, Red Nether Bricks, Bone Blocks and in case you missed it in the 1.9 update, End Stone Bricks too!

Check the recipes out here.

!! Please Note:
Some players may be experiencing some crashes logging in. The new 1.10 update automatically enables your VBO setting, so if you do experience some difficulty entering the server, go to your video settings and turn your VBO off.

New Shop Changes
After some consideration, we've reduced the prices of tool repairs as well as spawn eggs.

Repair your tools at $4999, roughly half the price it was before! As for...
Hey friends,

I'm considering adding a dedicated server for SkyBlock, in place of the recently removed Wars server. The new SkyBlock server will have its own nether world and no economy for it (preferably). So I'll be creating this poll to seek feedback from all of you whether this would be a step forward for our Minecraft community.

The poll can be found right under this announcement thread. Additionally, you can add comments to this announcement stating why it should or shouldnt be added.


Systems Admin
Xeal Gaming Network
Hey guys,

We'll be switching our ranks system to standardize across servers!

In a few days from now, we will be switching from our current rank plugin. This will cause your rank to be momentarily reset. This change will make it easier for your ranks and permissions to be managed by the staff team, and your rank will show across all servers on our network.

We will also be modifying all donor rank perks to be EULA compliant before we start accepting donations again, we apologise to the current donors who will have their donor perks affected as a result of this.

If you previously had:
Novice, you would now have Peon perms (2 plots)
Initiate, you would now have Planner perms (4 plots)
Adept, you would now have Designer perms (6 plots)
Skilled, you would now have Architect perms (9 plots)
Expert, you would now have Architect perms (and 12 plots)
Legend, you would now have Architect perms (and 16 plots)

If you previously had:
Peon, you're now a Novice.
Planner, you can request a free promotion to Initiate.
Designer, you can request a free promotion to Adept.
Architect, you can request a free promotion to Skilled.
Copy and paste abilities, it is now only available to Skilled.

If you have lost your previous rank, please inform an admin or moderator to restore your lost rank.
[rip Zal...
Greetings Xeal players!

As you all have noticed, Xeal Gaming Network has been down since 9:30pm SGT. The downtime has been caused by the server's hard disk crash. Fortunately the data was backed up few hours before the incident.

We apologise for the inconvenience and request you to be patient while we work to get the server back up and running as soon as possible.