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Hey guys,

Our Manager, Edue, is leaving the server to focus on his final exams! During his time as Manager in Xeal Gaming, he has helped us nurture and grow into a large gaming network, assisting in plugin configuration and server management.

The Xeal Gaming Staff Team would like to thank him for his effort and time that he has put into helping us develop into the largest Minecraft network in Singapore.

I would like to end this anouncement off with an inspirational quote from Edue himself,

kthxbye ed!! we will miss yu

Systems Administrator
Xeal Gaming Network
Hello players,

We have made some changes to main server and have some information we would like to share with you all in this update!

More sellable items!

You are now able to sell more items and blocks using /sell hand!
There will be many more resources for you to obtain money from.. It's time to get rid of those leftover items in your chests. :wink:

Use /worth on any item to check the item's selling price!

More crafting recipes!
Introducing… More custom recipes!

More items and blocks are craftable with new recipes! This includes some of the unobtainable items such as packed ice and endstone.

We have made some changes to a few (yes, only few) vanilla recipes. Don’t worry, we didn’t change any vanilla crafting recipe shapes to ensure there's no confusion among players.

We proudly present to you a new type of custom recipe, custom Furnace recipe!

We added all recipes in 2 phases. The first phase has already been implemented in the Early July update, now we will introduce second phase.
You can now check out the new crafting recipe here:

We plan to roll out more custom recipes in future. If any of you have any custom recipe ideas, do create a thread in the Suggestion Section of the...
Hi everybody!

Today, I'll be talking briefly about some recent changes that were made to the server, as well as some incoming and long awaited features that I'm sure everyone will enjoy! We have implemented some suggestions made by you guys and also some things that we have foreseen to be an improvement to the server.

Server shop
The server shop has been built by our lovely builders @ProtatoFTW and @o0FlyMonk0o. It will be implemented soon, so keep your eyes peeled! There are going to be items that were previously unobtainable and some rare blocks like the new purpur blocks!

New custom crafting recipes
There will now be custom crafting recipes for some things that are rare or uncraftable, such as chorus fruits! A full list of crafting recipes are in the link down below and if we add more in the future they will be edited there as well. *Note that podzol and mycelium contain the same items but different shape. You can only craft mycelium with that specific crafting recipe shape.

Faction power per player
The faction power of each player has been raised to 20. You can now go ahead and claim more land for your faction to build on! Have fun building!

Clarifications regarding the new sub...
Hey guys,

Here are the updates for this month! Some of them have been implemented, while others will be introduced soon. We hope that you enjoy these new updates as much work have been put in to it (mostly from @Edue).

Discord as our new Voice Server
After much consideration, we have decided to migrate from our old TeamSpeak server to a new Discord server with immediate effect. You can find links to join the new Discord server on the forums sidebar, or you can also join by going here (the link may expire). Please note that Discord account registration is required. Benefits of Discord over TeamSpeak includes more functionality, a better interface and no limitless user slots.

Our TeamSpeak 3 server will cease its services with effect from 30 June 2016. Do hop on Discord to hang out with us! Skilled and all donor ranks will receive VIP ranks on the Discord server, VIPs will be given out on request if it is not given out within 3 days by an admin or moderator.

Enforcement of Forum Rules
Forum users who do not follow the forum rules breaking rules such as racking up posts by having nonconstructive posts or minimodders will be given warning points on the forums. Having too many warning points may have your access to the forum limited until the warning points expire. Warning points are...
Hey guys,

Xeal Gaming Network has been updated to version 1.9.4.

This server update is not backward compatible, thus you will need to be on version 1.9.4 in order to play access our server. If there are any update-related bugs, please post them in the bug report section and we will take a look at them.

As SkyBlock has compatibility issues with 1.9.4, it will be disabled until further notice.

Thank you.

Systems Admin
Xeal Gaming Network
Hey guys,

This update notice will be the first of two notices this month, please do read and keep yourself updated on the changes that has been made to Xeal Gaming Network.

Jobs Re-Introduction
As you may have heard from the previous announcement, we are re-introducing jobs back into the Main Server in a few days time. As a change, players will now be able to hold only one job. We will re-introduce the jobs one by one with revised profits, starting from Terraformer!

Weekly Player Meetings
We will be having player meetings on our TeamSpeak server to give players an opportunity to have a nice conversation with the staff members once every two weeks, on Wednesdays.
Please refer to our meeting schedules for more information

Global Chat Feedback
We have added global chat to the network, allowing all players to talk across servers, please tell us how you like/dislike it by giving us comments on it below!
(Provides a community-bonding and manageability, at the expense of spam and /f c)

Reworking Donations
In order to achieve compliance with the EULA set by Mojang on donations, we will cease receiving donations for the time being while we work on coming...
Hey guys,

Here's another list of updates that will be rolled out to Xeal Gaming Network in the next coming month or so!

Xeal 1.9.2
In Progress
For progress updates on Xeal 1.9.2, please refer to our announcement thread for it.

Stats Reset (Votes + Playtime)

Stats plugin has been changed and the vote tracking count plugin has been changed. You should now do /onlinetime to track your new playtime and /vr stats to check your vote count. For the next two weeks, we will not take vote count into consideration for rank and staff applications and you will be allowed to quote your pre-wipe playtime. (Lying about playtime however, is punishable)

Donation Sales
ETA: End April

We are in need of server funding, please support your favourite server! There will be a donation sales featuring bulk discounts and bonuses for donations, stay tuned for more information!

Reintroduction of Jobs

ETA: Early May
Jobs plugin will be reintroduced into the Factions (Main) server with the following changes in...