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Hello players,

The next few months will bring about some sweeping changes to our network! We hope that these new additions will be hugely beneficial to our community, and control the toxicity in some of the servers.

With the endless complaints we have been getting about the lag across the network as of late, we have decided to implement a new plugin that will ensure that the servers are restarted on a periodic basis to ensure that optimal ping and tps are maintained throughout the day and week.

We, the administration of Xeal Gaming, are getting more concerned about how some of our players are becoming more toxic. Therefore, we have decided to introduce global chat so that normal players and staff members alike can monitor the chat in all servers to ensure that peace and stability in maintained.

You can expect this to be implemented during the March holidays.

Hey y'all.
Zero here.

So we all know that the server market is big. To some people, including me, they have a very weak sense of direction and it's a pain to walk around finding a shop. For this reason, I am going to make it more efficient and less of a pain to get to a shop.

The plan is to create a room where teleportation signs are being placed. Upon selection, players may teleport to their desired shop of choice. This is will make the both the sellers and buyers more convenient in doing their trades.

Those who want their shop linked to the signs, please reply to this thread with the following format :
- Your IGN
- The coordinate of the spot you want buyers to tp to (must be inside or in front of your stall)
- The direction you want buyers to face when teleporting (north south east or west)
- A little advertisement about your stall

Have fun ~
Greetings Xeal Gaming!

We're rolling out a HUGE update very soon!

We will be rolling out the update in multiple phases, expect the updates to be out as soon as today! You may experience frequent server restart due to the updates.

Phase 1: Removal of Old Plots World [COMPLETED]
All plots IDs with the name starting with world;<id>;<id> will be removed from the plots server, but those with plots;<id>;<id> will be kept. The switch to the new plots world and plugin was done about 4 months ago.

Phase 2
: New Games Server [IN BETA-TESTING]
Our existing (mini)games Parkour, One In The Quiver, KitBattle, SurvivalGames and SkyWars will be moved over to a new server! More new games will be added in Phase 6.

Phase 3: Lobby Redesign [IN BETA-TESTING]
A new Lobby area, designed by the building team of our master builder - exojarhead, will be put into the current Lobby!

Phase 4: Removal of Vanilla [COMPLETED]
Vanilla will be removed to make way for the new Wars server, more information in Phase 5.

We will be introducing a new wars...
A small but impactful change is made to the vanilla server.

Update #1: The vanilla server will reset soon to give way for a completely new Wars server. Get ready for more action-packed gameplay, grinding, raiding, tools and faction wars, all in our brand-new Wars Server!

For those who love to raid in vanilla server, we have good news for you!

EXPLOSIONS are now permanently enabled, meaning that you can raid factions without them being present! Prepare all your TNT and get ready to roll!

Do stay tuned for more updates as we continued to bring about sweeping changes to the Vanilla server! #TrueFactions

Xeal Gaming Network
Greetings fellow staff members and players,
We are introducing a new Staff rank, Helper+!

Existing helpers will not be able to apply for the new enhanced Helper+ rank and the rank will only be obtainable via positive feedback from another fellow staff member.

Helper+ is REQUIRED in order to apply for Moderator!
Permissions have been updated for the Helper rank.

Updated Helper Abilities:
  • All powers from Skilled Rank
  • Basic mute/kick/warn ability
  • Prism lookup ability
  • Teleport to players regardless of tptoggle
  • Chat ability enhancements (colour, etc.)
  • Bypass cooldown for teleportation timer
  • Disappear and view other vanished players
  • Reduced death penalty
New Helper+ Abilities:
  • All powers from Donor+/Legend + Helper Rank
  • Teleport other players to their current location
  • Send unruly players into jails temporarily
  • Warp other players to existing warps
  • Interact with surroundings while vanished
Helpers promoted to Helper+:
  • Techbro
  • Platinum_Attack
  • Krakken858
  • PoppyTan
  • Trkea
We hope that these changes will help to distinguish better...
Hello fellow players,

The server has had some sweeping changes in the last few weeks or so. Hence, this thread will be dedicated to list and describe them all!

We have added a new plugin, "Heads Database", which will allow certain players to obtain special heads and wear/place them.

Players with permissions:
  • Everyone in lobby,
  • Planners in plots,
  • Builders/Moderators in main!
  • /hdb - Opens the menu
  • /hdb search <name> - Searches for a head with the search query
  • /hdb category <category name> - Opens the given category

The Events server has a few minor bugs and we hope that within the next month or so they can be resolved for more fun!
These include but are not limited to:
  • Double prefixes appearing in chat,
  • Missing parts of chat and names,
  • And more!
Do stay tuned for more updates regarding the Events server!

The Main server will be undergoing several updates throughout the month of December 2015 and January 2016, with more features included to enhance your gaming experiences.
These include but are not limited to:
  • More interesting features in out...
Let's keep it short.
- I made new parkour map called "ragefest"
- Join by entering /pa join ragefest
- Prize pool of 1 000 000$ in-game money (500k, 300k, 200k for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively)
- First place also gets a specially designed boots (one of its kind, last won by trkea). This means the boots will be transferred to winners of new parkours every single time like a champion ship belt.
- Players must post screenshot of themselves with the finish sign to qualify for the reward.
- Default reward for finishing is 35 000$ but will increase after event period which is exactly 30 days from the day of this post.

*Insert dramatic parkour fail speech here*