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Holiday Seasons Sales


Spend your holidays with these bonuses you should not miss!

Start Date:
2 Nov 2015
End Date: 3 Jan 2016
Minimum Meet-up Donation: $50

Click here for more information on how you can donate or add on to your previous donation!

Tokens can be used to purchased powerful items from /menu in the survival world!


Donate for Permanent Donor ($25) and you get additional:

  • Get 400 tokens across all servers (extra of 150)
  • Main - $200,000 cash added to your account
  • 2x Villager Eggs
  • 3x Gold Item Case
  • Jobs EXP +2500 to ONE job!...
Is it just a new plugin? No... it's more than that!

Introducing... KITBATTLE KITPVP!
Brace yourselves for CONSTANT PVP-ING ACTION!
Now available for beta-testing at Lobby!

KitPvP Features:

  1. Souping and re-filling of soups!
  2. Different ranks with the lowest being Newbie and highest God and Nolifer.
  3. Safe zone to prevent spawn killing.
  4. 32 kits with abilities to choose from.
  5. You can challenge players to a 1v1 in the arena.
  6. Fully functional coins system to purchase kits permanently.
  7. Purchase coins with tokens at 100 tokens for 2000 coins!
  8. Killstreak Rewards will be given!
  9. Kit Unlockers that give you random kits (2 free)!
  10. VIPs (Patrons) get 2x the normal EXP and Coins!
  11. Side scoreboard for stats information!
You may find KitPvP by doing /go kp on the Lobby server!
Remember to have fun and be nice to other players!

Be sure to report any imbalance, glitches or bugs at the Help and Issues section!

Thank you.

Noobie @ Xeal
Hey guys,

I'm back with some new changes that have been made or is upcoming!

Rank Application Format and Standards
Rank applications now have a revised format, which now allows us to distinguish players who are worthy of the rank. Requirements and standards of the various ranks has also been increased. Please take note of the changes and revise your future applications accordingly.

Events Schedule revised
The Event Server's Schedule has been modified, Bridges Event will now operate more frequently than Hunger Games, given its popularity among players.

Bridges Fixed and Improved
All players will now be able to join and play the Bridges Event before the bridges have been built. Double player prefix has been rectified.

Bridges Server now has VIP+, the rank is given to those who have donated for Donor+ in main (or Patron in Lobby). Perks of VIP+ include better armour or less cooldown time for kit actions. VIP+ players will also be able to bypass team limits.

Market Plots Bidding Started
Please refer to our market plot bidding thread for more information regarding market plot bidding!

Rules Updating
Rules will be updated to include more...
Hello all!

For the month of October, we have a few small updates to the server you may be interested to know about!

Inactive players' ranks deleted
Due to account breaches of old accounts, we have removed player ranks who have not been online for the past 30 days. If you have not be on Xeal Gaming for more than 30 days, your rank may have been wiped as a result.

If you are a returning player without a rank, please login to your forum account and send a private message to any moderators or administrators with your approved application thread link.

This is done to ensure that there will not be any future unwanted account breaches. If you suspect that an account has been breached, please inform a staff member IMMEDIATELY.

OITQ Map - Battlefield

A new OITQ map with the name of Battlefield, made by staff members of Xeal Gaming, has been released !!!

Do look forward to it, you can play One In The Quiver by executing the command /go oitq on the main server!

Plots Competition
October Plots building competition will begin soon, stay tuned for more information regarding the theme and timeframe for the competition.

The results of the September Plots Building competition has been released, you can view more information on the announcement itself.
Hello all!

In the most recent server update, these features have been added/changed to in the network:
  • Bridges Events Server Schedule (/event)
    • Only runs if Hunger Games event is not running
    • 7:30PM Everyday, 6.00PM on Fri, Sat and Sun
  • Hunger Games Server Schedule (/event)
    • Only runs if Bridges event is not running
    • 2:30PM Everyday, 12PM on Sat and Sun
  • New map for One in The Quiver - Towers ("/go oitq" on main)
  • New /effects command to check potion effects of a player
  • Anti-Combat Logging plugin added to Lobby server for SurvivalGames
  • PlotSquared updated (several bug fixes, hopefully including out of memory bug)
  • AAC plugin updated (several bug fixes)
  • SurvivalGames plugin updated (several bug fixes)
  • Jobs plugin updated (several bug fixes)
  • Auto-restart on any server crashes (hopefully)
We hope you...
Hey guys,

SurvivalGames Stats has been resetted to allow for new competition.

A new SurvivalGames Arena with the name of
Volcano has been added to the map pool!

We are now updated to SurvivalGames 4.5! (Previously version was 3.9)

In addition to the new arena, the following features have also been updated/added:
  • Ability to set bounty on other players
  • All arenas have been reconfigured
  • Grace period has been reduced to 30 seconds
  • Player waiting time has been reduced to 60 seconds
  • Prices in the SG Sponsor Shop and Shop has been increased
  • SG Map - Chilly has been resetted to its original state with a new DM arena
  • Wasteland and Estate arenas have been removed from the map pool
  • Minimum items in a chest (tier 1 and 2) has been decreased
  • Players will now get 1 token upon winning an SG game
  • Patrons will now get 3 tokens upon winning an SG game (so you should donate)
  • Achievements have been added (gives you coins for reaching a milestone)
  • Advanced rollback has been added
  • ...and many more for you to find out!
Also fixed:
  • Inventory not dropping on death for two arenas
  • Volcano's deathmatch arena
  • TNTs damaging...
Xeal Gaming
Donation Guide

Last updated: 2 Sep 2015

The original /shop has been changed to /menu.

Interested in donating?
Here's how you can use our new automated web store to donate quickly!

Step 1.
Determine your method and amount of donation!

You can view donation rewards and perks available on our web store or product matrix!
We have donation plans ranging from S$25 to S$500 or tokens and items for less than S$10!
Methods of donations available are: PayPal, Paymentwall, Bank Transfer and Physical Meetup.

Step 2.
Check if you are eligible for any Donation Bonuses!

If you are donating for a permanent rank, you will be eligible for its associated bonuses, if there is an ongoing donation sales! You can check the if there are any on the Donations and Sales Section of the forums.

Step 3a. (PayPal or Paymentwall)
Please use our webstore here.
We prefer accepting donations...