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Hello players!

As most of you may know, the plots server has recently gotten a brand new upgrade! The addition of PlotSquared to the creative server has brought about many cool new features. Like the saying goes, 'out with the old, in with the new', which is why we are hosting a building competition for the construction of the new plots hub!

  • Criteria:
    • Appearance - /20
    • Details - /20
    • Efficiency - /20
    • Originality - /20
    • Intuitiveness - /20
    • TOTAL - /100
  • Date: 30th August 2015 - 3 October 2015.
  • Format: Entries with incomplete formats will not be considered. This includes the disclaimer.
  • Judges:
    • Eduedw
    • Aether
    • NifflerSeeker
    • Thusukafu
    • xZeroOriginx
  • Prizes:
    • 1st Place:
      • A chance to become a builder.
      • 750 tokens.
      • $750,000 in-game.
    • 2nd Place:
      • A chance to become builder.
      • 500 tokens.
      • $500,000 in-game.
    • 3rd Place:
      • A chance to become builder.
      • 250 tokens.
      • $250,000 in-game.
Hello all!

After 10 months of tolerating plugin buggy-ness, we have decided to change our Plots Management plugin.

As a result, a new plot world has been created, and the old plots world will be deleted at least 30 days from today, (27 September or later).

The new plots have a size of 90x90, and will feature water with bridges above, beside the plots
Plots will also come with the center of the plot marked out in glowstone.

Migration Procedure (if you want to move your build)
  1. To access the new plots world, do "/spawn" while in plots server.
  2. To access the old plots world, do "/go oldspawn" while in the plots server.
  3. To view your plots, do "/plots list mine"
  4. Do "/plot home <number>" to access your plots
  5. You can then use WorldEdit to copy and paste your builds between the old and new world, using //copy and //paste functionalities
Peons can now have 2 plots
Planners can now have 4 plots
Designers can now have 9 plots
Architects can now have 16 plots
Merging plots is done manually with "/plots merge" and plots have to be rectangular/square

New Features Include:
  • Less bugs in general
  • More efficient and less crash-prone
  • Faster Async WorldEditing
  • Plot commenting and inbox
  • Plot Rating...
Hey guys!
In order to keep the server up-to-date and fun to play on, a few awesome plugins will be added to the server!

In this announcement, I will be talking about some of the plugins that will be added.

EssentialsX (Added)
Since Essentials is no longer supported, we have changed our Essentials plugin! This plugin features fixes of the old Essentials plugins and a few new functionalities.

Automatic Inventory (Added)
This plugin will allow for automatic inventory sorting, hotbar management and chest sorting, including automatic item distribution into players' chests. This plugin's base functionality will be available for all our players to use. We may consider withholding the /depositall function to Donors only, but as for the time being, all players may use this functionality!

Auctions (Added)
A much-needed replacement to our current auction plugin has been added to the server. Items can be viewed by hovering over them. Permissions and availability will vary based on ranks....
Not really.

We all know Rage parkour is somewhat just a legend.
Some say it's impossible to defeat.
However, the admins will now offer a 1 000 000$ prize pool to the 3 people who are able to execute it the fastest. Detail of the prize is as follow :
  • Fastest on record will earn an easy $600,000 and a special enchanted boot from an admin. (WON BY TRKEA)
  • Second fastest on record will earn an easy $300 000.
  • Third fastest on record will earn an easy $100 000$.
  • In such a case that there is no winner within the event period, the prize money will be given to the first person to finish the course.

During the event period, players may join by pressing the sign in the games lobby or /pa join Rage (Make sure to type Rage and not rage).
Score leaderboard can be seen by reading the book provided when joining the course.

Eligibility :
- Record is within the event period (Aug 22 2015 23:59 SGT - Aug 29 2015 23:59 SGT)

- Not suspected of using hack tools
- Players must pay an entrance fee of 1 000$ each time.
- Not a staff member of moderator rank or above.
Hello people of the Forums!

Aether here with some updates on the server and upcoming plans for Xeal Gaming in August.
General Changes :
  1. Single-Use Fly now purchasable! It is currently sold at /go shop. It can be found on the first isle when you enter the shop. It is currently priced at $50,000 per purchase. Price may vary in the future.
    Do note that dying or changing worlds (even Games, Nether or Skyblock) will cause you to lose your Single-Use Fly!
  2. Disguise View Self Function: Using the /dviewself command will now allow you to view your own disguise, however, disguises that are bigger than your body size will glitch and block your view.
  3. The Nether in Main will be reset every 3 months to help refresh resources in the world, starting from the end of August.
  4. Separate Web Portal for Voting and Donating: A separate website will be created to facilitate voting and donating for players.
Changes to Games World :
  1. A New Parkour map will soon be introduced called Rage. Do look out for it when it becomes available to the Public!
Changes to The Forum :
  1. ...

SG50 Deals!

Celebrating Singapore's Golden Jubilee!

* We will be adding a separate web portal for donations soon, so keep a look out!

Start Date:
1 Aug 2015
End Date: 30 Sept 2015
Minimum Meet-up Donation: $50
Click here for more information on how you can donate or add on to your previous donation!

Tokens can be used to purchased powerful items from /shop!


Donate for Permanent Donor ($25)

  • Add $250,000 to your account
  • Get a total of 400 tokens (An extra of 150)
  • 2x Villager Eggs
  • 1x Gold Item Case
  • Jobs EXP +5000 to one job
Donate for Permanent Donor+ ($50)...
UPDATE: We have added a new arena, Maze! It is made by our very own community members of Xeal Gaming!

Hey guys,

There is now a new SurvivalGames Arena by the name of Pyramid!
Do try it out with your friends!

We have lowered the compass tracking range from 250 metres down to 75 metres to introduce more competitive gameplay among players.

Players have also raised their concerns on how carepackages and compass tracking abilities are overpowered. Tell us what you think by completing the poll below on changes that we should make!

Thank you.

Systems Administrator
Xeal Gaming Network