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UPDATE: Fixed and re-opened.

Hello fellow players!

We are sorry to inform you that the games in the minigames arena (/go minigames) are currently experiencing some sort of technical difficulty and therefore have to be closed. We doing our best to solve the problem as quickly and effectively as we possibly can. In the meantime, you can go ahead and try some of our fun minigames at /lobby and /event (For Events server, please refer to schedule, here), be creative at /plots or play some hardcore factions at /vanilla.

Again, we do apologise for this temporary disruption of our minigames server and seek your cooperation and understanding to further improve it.

Thanks for reading!

Administrator (Technical)
What's happening, Forum.
Zero here with the updated changes and new plans for Xeal Gaming in July. Let's get to the points.

General Changes :
  1. We no longer accept builds built in the plot server for main rank applications. Why ? It is just not fair. In plots, you have half the power as an admin does in main including World Edit and Creative Mode. This leads to easy builds which is not fair compared to those who spend hours on the same thing without fly and unlimited resource. Creativity is key. If you can make it with fly, you can make it without fly (resources are easy to find. It's literally everywhere.)
  2. We no longer tolerate with lies written in the applications. Application will be rejected on the spot if found lying. Due to high amount of bullshit made when a player wants to rank up, we have lowered the threshold of bullshit that can be found in an application.
  3. Demotion to abusive players. Players will now be demoted as part of their punishment due to their negative attitude. High ranked players are expected to be a role model for lower ranked players and not use their abilities to abuse anyone.
  4. Players who wish to change their IGNs or Forum names and have their rank (only) transferred must post up a request in the help...
Hello fellow players!

As the title suggests, this is the thread to keep you updated with some small and minor adjustments made within the past few days.


Main Rank Applications:
Starting from tomorrow, the difficulty of main rank applications will be increased again, as we feel that the current standard at which applications are reviewed are too lenient. This means that the moderating process will be made more strict, meaning that any application that does not follow the format will be deleted without prior notice and that users with two pending main rank applications will have their threads invalidated. Do note that applications currently under review will be affected by this change as well.


Suggestion Forum:
There will be a few prerequisite s that you will have to fulfill before suggesting new ideas. Starting from tomorrow, all suggestion threads must:

1. Contain a brief introduction/preview of your suggestion.

2. Contain a link to the documentation page of the idea/plugin, if applicable.

3. Contain details regarding the pros and cons of the said idea.
(Eg. I think the implementation of this idea/plugin would be...
Hello fellow players!

As the abovementioned title suggests, this thread is to keep you updated with the happenings and changes made in June! Also, do note that this thread is correct at the present time and future additions in the remaining week in June may or may not be edited, depending on the other administrator(s) discretion.


Faction Hub:
Construction on the faction hub has ceased and the building is now ready for use! The hub contains 30 plots for portals and 26 are currently inactive at the time of this post.

Note I: Take note that the prices of the portals may vary and are subjected to inflation and deflation at an administrator's discretion. At the time of this post, prices are quoted at $250,000 and above.
Note II: Also, take note that the sizes of plots vary between each location and that there are limited number of faction portal plots. At the time of this post, there are 30 plots in total with 4 of the portals being active.
Note III: Next, please take note that the portals are built and customised by the players themselves, not provided by the builders.
Note IV: Finally, please also...
Xeal Gaming servers have been updated to 1.8.7!
No action is required on your part as the server still accepts all 1.8 clients.

This update fixes five bugs from our previous 1.8.5 version.
Some plugins have also been updated for compatibility and fixes.

We hope you continue to enjoy Xeal Gaming!
Please report any bugs you encounter to the forums!

Thank you,

Systems Administrator
Xeal Gaming Network
Xeal Gaming has been updated to server version 1.8.5!
No action is required on your part as our server still supports the same client versions. (1.8+)

This update contains a few major security fixes.
An update to server version 1.8.6 will be ready once all plugins support the new version.

Thank you.

Systems Administrator
Xeal Gaming Network
Hey guys,

An SSL certificate has been installed on our website.

You can now access the forums using the HTTPS protocol. This is done to make browsing our forums a more secure experience and keep hackers away from trying to steal your account data!

There will now be a little secure lock icon next to the URL in the address bar to show that the connection to the website is secure.

By default, your web browser should make the switch to https, otherwise, you can access the secure version of our webpage by going here.

If you encounter any issues, please contact Wuggle immediately.

Thank you.

Systems Administrator
Xeal Gaming Network