Major Updates

Game-changing updates to Xeal Gaming

Hi everybody!

Today, I'll be talking briefly about some recent changes that were made to the server, as well as some incoming and long awaited features that I'm sure everyone will enjoy! We have implemented some suggestions made by you guys and also some things that we have foreseen to be an improvement to the server.

Server shop
The server shop has been built by our lovely builders @ProtatoFTW and @o0FlyMonk0o. It will be implemented soon, so keep your eyes peeled! There are going to be items that were previously unobtainable and some rare blocks like the new purpur blocks!

New custom crafting recipes
There will now be custom crafting recipes for some things that are rare or uncraftable, such as chorus fruits! A full list of crafting recipes are in the link down below and if we add more in the future they will be edited there as well. *Note that podzol and mycelium contain the same items but different shape. You can only craft mycelium with that specific crafting recipe shape.

Faction power per player
The faction power of each player has been raised to 20. You can now go ahead and claim more land for your faction to build on! Have fun building!

Clarifications regarding the new sub...
UPDATE: Stats plugin has been removed. We will be using /onlinetime to check for playtime and /vr stats to check for your voting stats.

Hello guys!

As you may have heard, we started our update process on 20 Apr.

This thread will serve as a platform for our players to view our 1.9 update status for our servers and view the known reported bugs.

Update Progress
(Progress bar not to scale)
Lobby Server - Updated to 1.9 with no known bugs
Progress: (99%)

Main (Factions) Server - Most major bugs are addressed
Progress: (95%)

[COLOR=rgb(0, 0,...
Hello people!

As some of you may have known, we will be updating our entire network to 1.9.2. Our date planned for the update is tentatively 20 Apr 2016 (which happens to fall on a Wednesday). The date is subject to changes so please do check back often.

If there are any major plugins that do not work, the server update scheduled date will be delayed. Any minor plugins that break due to the update will be disabled until an update is found.

Please do take note of the following:

  1. We will reset Main Server's world data, player inventory, ender chest and in-game cash balance, BUT all active player ranks, /stats data and all tokens will be retained.
  2. We will not be resetting Plots, Wars, and the Games server for the time being.
  3. If you have purchased items from the token shop, you are eligible for a refund by approaching a Moderator or Admin online BEFORE THE WIPE.
  4. All items, including heads, monster eggs, player heads or enchanted items obtained through donation bonuses (other than tokens) will not be eligible for any refunds.
  5. Any player caught asking for refunds to a duplicated...
Hey guys,
Here are some small updates to Xeal Gaming for early April 2016!

  1. Commendation system removal
    • All previous commendations are now invalid
    • Commendation is no longer required for ranks except for Legend and Admin
  2. Main Server's World and Items reset for 1.9 update
    • Except for tokens, Main server's world and items will be completely resetted during the 1.9 update, no migration will be carried out.
    • If you have any token shop items, you are advised to approach a Moderator for a full refund, only the stated buyer of the item can request for a refund, all refunds will be recorded to prevent duplicate refund requests.
  3. MC1.9.2 testing begins...
    • We have started testing the 1.9.2 update to make sure plugins run smoothly.
    • Do look forward to the update in two to three weeks from now!
  4. Renaming of servers during their revamps
    • Main server will be renamed to Factions
    • Plots server will be renamed to Creative
    • Lobby server will be renamed to Hub
  5. Termination of inactive staff members
    • The following staff members have been demoted to their old ranks to make way for new staff due to their inactivity: DeJoker, Mattias2020, lRaiinbowl, Tarence,...
Hello fellow players,

As everyone should know, Minecraft 1.9 was released approximately 2 weeks ago. Yet, the excitement for this sparkling new update is barely dissipating here, for the thought of having some new features in our server undeniably refreshing and somewhat cool! For those who are still unaware, 1.9 introduces quite a fair bit of new features into Minecraft, such as the implementation of the long-awaited elytra.

As a bonus to the 1.9 update, the entire Xeal Gaming Network will be undergoing a thorough revamp. Every aspect of the server will have a facelift; something cool yet gravitas at the same time. As per standard procedure, we will continue to reveal snapshots and spoilers of some of the new server and its updates.

For now, here is a nice representation of our progress so far:

Creative (Plots) server // 97% completed

Events server // 0% completed

Factions (Main) server // 97% completed

Games server // 97% completed

Hub (Lobby) server // 80% completed...
Hey guys,

There will be a Xeal Revamp coming up sometime in April May, do look forward to it!

Here are some plans which are yet to be discussed in detail, of which, some are not confirmed to be implemented but they are highly likely that they will be implemented.

Plans include:
  • Update to MC1.9
  • Main server wipe/item migration
  • Main server new hub/spawn
  • Main and wars case revamp
  • Forums revamping
  • Permissions revamping
  • Chat system revamping
Do help us complete the poll below on what we should do about the Main server for the Minecraft 1.9 update!
Greetings Xeal Gaming!

We're rolling out a HUGE update very soon!

We will be rolling out the update in multiple phases, expect the updates to be out as soon as today! You may experience frequent server restart due to the updates.

Phase 1: Removal of Old Plots World [COMPLETED]
All plots IDs with the name starting with world;<id>;<id> will be removed from the plots server, but those with plots;<id>;<id> will be kept. The switch to the new plots world and plugin was done about 4 months ago.

Phase 2
: New Games Server [IN BETA-TESTING]
Our existing (mini)games Parkour, One In The Quiver, KitBattle, SurvivalGames and SkyWars will be moved over to a new server! More new games will be added in Phase 6.

Phase 3: Lobby Redesign [IN BETA-TESTING]
A new Lobby area, designed by the building team of our master builder - exojarhead, will be put into the current Lobby!

Phase 4: Removal of Vanilla [COMPLETED]
Vanilla will be removed to make way for the new Wars server, more information in Phase 5.

We will be introducing a new wars...