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    Hola everyone,
    Here are some of this week's updates!

    1.10 Update
    We've finally updated our servers to 1.10!
    New Features include..

    There's no need to spam your spacebar whilst jumping up our mountains anymore. :wink:
    Walking/Running towards an area 1 block high will automatically make you jump. If you're not used to this, you can always switch it off in your controls menu.

    **New blocks!
    Spice up your builds with new Nether Wart Blocks, Red Nether Bricks, Bone Blocks and in case you missed it in the 1.9 update, End Stone Bricks too!

    Check the recipes out here.

    !! Please Note:
    Some players may be experiencing some crashes logging in. The new 1.10 update automatically enables your VBO setting, so if you do experience some difficulty entering the server, go to your video settings and turn your VBO off.

    New Shop Changes
    After some consideration, we've reduced the prices of tool repairs as well as spawn eggs.

    Repair your tools at $4999, roughly half the price it was before! As for all the underwater and sky high base fans (like me), you can now easily create your animal farms with the new price change on spawn eggs. (^:

    **Polar Bears
    They're finally here! After exploring in 1.10, we've deduced that polar bears do not naturally spawn in our world. However, you can now buy their spawn eggs in the shop.

    Check out the new prices in-game at /go shop.

    Rank Changes
    Unified server ranks has already been implemented, do look at Wuggle's previous announcement here for more information. We are still working on the permissions for the plots server and it will be fixed soon.

    For players with incorrect ranks or titles, please approach our mods or admins or use /helpop.

    See you in-game!
    (na-an na-an na-an Breadman!!!)
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by naanthebread, 26 Jul 2016.