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By Wuggle on 24 Feb 2016 at 09:12
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    Hello Xeal Gaming!

    Mojang recently announced that they are going to release Minecraft version 1.9 on 29 February 2016!

    (Read more about our new forum trophies below!)

    As the community is pretty split about the update to MC1.9, I think a poll would be best suited to gather the collective opinion of our playerbase. We will carry out this poll to see who would be looking forward to a 1.9 update and who would rather have the server stay at 1.8 as it is at the moment.

    This poll will end on 7 March 2016.
    If majority is in favour of the update, we will begin testing the new version.
    This does not mean that we will be updating, unless our compatibility tests have passed.

    Do note:
    • Not all features of 1.9 will be enabled if we update.
    • Some existing plugins may be removed due to incompatibility
    • There may be a world wipe/migration if we update.
    Thank you!
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Poll closed 8 Mar 2016.
  1. Update to 1.9, or I'll quit!

  2. Update to 1.9

  3. Whatever wuggle wants!

  4. Stay at 1.8

  5. Stay at 1.8, or I'll quit!



Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 24 Feb 2016.

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    1. LittleTako
      Changes are always something to look forward to. I welcome it.
      Although somethings are to be adjusted to new changes, such as kitpvp(I don't know much but I heard 1.9 might kill it), a suggestion would be to have a 1.8 plugin for certain games and 1.9 for unaffected+possible new games that would use elytra like skybattle, racing or maybe even something like a conquest mode which needs elytra to reach.
      As for main server, warps should be made for several new end biome as there are more than 1 I think. Otherwise playere could be allowed to enter the end to respawn the dragon in order to warp to different end biomes(Only if there are more than 1 new end biomes)
      New igloos dont matter so its fine if they never spawn due to most snow biomes already explored, its purpose is only to teach new players about zombie purification.
      *Also hope if implemented, that skeleton horses from skeleton trap aren't wiped out as mobs* c:
    2. Ender
      I would suggest staying at 1.8 for a while longer until the plugins are updated then update to 1.9.
    3. Tushady
      Awe mann.. .another update? But I just started playing 1.8 a week ago :p
      But seriously, If we update to 1.9 will there be a world wipe? What features will and will not be enabled? Really need more info before making this decision!
    4. Ender
      Yeezzz tiem to achieve dat !!
    5. StylZ
      I wouldn't mind waiting for plugin to update. The server have to update one day, it just all about fast or slow.
      My reply to those rant about 1.9
      At first, I hate the new combat system. However, I already get used to it after playing on 1.9 snapshot.
      I only hope the new update won't cause chaos among community.
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    6. Wuggle
      We might have a world migration/wipe if we update.
    7. StylZ
      I have a question, will we still able to keep our jobs stats if world migration do happen?
    8. GhostGAMER360
      While I love new things, 1.9 will bring a lot of combat issues.
    9. Wuggle
      Most probably, no promises though.
    10. Chat4Life
      Wow this is not gonna be good if the server updates to 1.9 If that happens i might quit the server maybe.Because no one will play in /games server ... becuase we know 3/4 of people like to play in the games server.then we won't play kitpvp sg oitq means 3/4 of the players are gone what if only the main and plots server and wars update to 1.9 (not so sure about wars too)And all this are happening while a lot of pvpers are waiting for a downgrade to 1.7.10 LOL but hopefully a good decision will be made :P because it is pretty unfair for PvPers like me ;D so ye the best version for PvP is 1.7 so 1.9 is a long way there.Pretty much games will be deserted so think about it a little ;) okay this is my opinion and pretty sure the opinion of every other pvper here
    11. rimone
      1.9 FTW huehuehue
      Tbh it's quite good to try new things out
    12. ScoobySharky
      3/4 of people gone if no games server? What you smoking bro, i need some of that
    13. iMinecraft
      The reason to stay at 1.8 is simple. I hate to shift things around.
    14. Diana0523
      In my opinion I think xeal should stay 1.8 for a while if you look up "1.9 update ruins Minecraft" you may see the reasons why a lot of people hate it,In my opinion 1.9 makes minecraft seem too modded in my opinion new designs for skeletons,zombies,new villager skins,having to "charge" your sword,arrows that give you jump boost,dual wielding and you can't block with your sword,you have to make a shield though if enough people complain about it I Microsoft / Mojang(idk who have the rights to Minecraft) might fix it.This is just my opinion and things I know about the 1.9 update please don't hate on me
    15. ChimneySwift11
      I agree with you. I don't like 1.9 because it ruins a lot of things for me. Especially combat. Some people say that with the new combat axes and shovels are stronger than swords. If Xeal ever goes to 1.9, I'm probably gonna leave.
    16. Iammy
      I'd love 1.7. It's the best minecrsft version there has ever been.
    17. nuvaaspect
      tbh 1.9 in general ruins the simplicity of minecraft which what made it so fun since the beginning.pvp and survival is ruined since 1.9 skele has aimbot and can dodge arrows while creepers can 1 shot u even with diamond armor.
    18. Gavin
      Most of the reviews are immature kids/adults whining about the good update of 1.9. Get over it and enjoy the beauty of 1.9 pvp. The weapons have been rebalanced for example, Hoes attack speed is the fastest compare to other tools/weapons, but low in damage. Diamonds sword has 11.2 dps compare to diamond axe which only have 9 dps. You want to know why people doesn't find change a thing or they say it is gonna ruin their game? It is because they never experience the change. This update allows us to explore more into the game. New stuff means new story and a new way to construct buildings making it more realistic and more creative. Imagine using a poison arrow to assassinate your foes, don't you think it is cool? Rethink about it.
    19. nuvaaspect
      i agree as well.its kinda unfair to the pvpers.some people say the minecraft isnt a bout pvp so does commanblock programming as well.i can agree minecraft isnt all about pvp but pvp is one of the reason why people enjoy mc due to most famous mini games involve pvp in it like skywars(a little bit but still have),survival games,uhc etc.And i hate how the mc community is like "oh pvp is just spam clicking' because they dont know what pvp really is due to the mass media of minecraft who is actually doing pvp wrongly because they dont know what pvp really is.so basically i can also say that command block programming is just spamming random letters.of course the people who do command blocks will feel angry cause people is seeing a misconception.same goes with the pvpers they are mad because people who dont know what pvp really is just using the misconception and rubbing it into the pvp community's face.
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