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By Wuggle on 24 Feb 2016 at 09:12
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    Hello Xeal Gaming!

    Mojang recently announced that they are going to release Minecraft version 1.9 on 29 February 2016!

    (Read more about our new forum trophies below!)

    As the community is pretty split about the update to MC1.9, I think a poll would be best suited to gather the collective opinion of our playerbase. We will carry out this poll to see who would be looking forward to a 1.9 update and who would rather have the server stay at 1.8 as it is at the moment.

    This poll will end on 7 March 2016.
    If majority is in favour of the update, we will begin testing the new version.
    This does not mean that we will be updating, unless our compatibility tests have passed.

    Do note:
    • Not all features of 1.9 will be enabled if we update.
    • Some existing plugins may be removed due to incompatibility
    • There may be a world wipe/migration if we update.
    Thank you!
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Poll closed 8 Mar 2016.
  1. Update to 1.9, or I'll quit!

  2. Update to 1.9

  3. Whatever wuggle wants!

  4. Stay at 1.8

  5. Stay at 1.8, or I'll quit!



Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 24 Feb 2016.

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    1. Gavin
      Oh look you encounter a new challenge, hm what should you do? Call a friend for assistance. Don't even say you don't have friends to help you kill that guy because from what I observe for the past few months everyone is trucing each other and 1v1 on the battlefield. Creating their own way to kill people without using their swords and stuff like that.
      This server is not just soup pvp
    2. ScoobySharky
      Ok so I'm going to rant a little here... you know everytime you start minecraft? Those little words in the bottom right hand corner that says '1.8.9'? Yeah. So your client is running 1.8.9, guess how you connect to the server? Because it is hosting 1.8.9. Seeing a pattern?
      So assuming 1.9.0 drops, both your client and the server have to be running 1.9.0 for you to connect, and this is something hard coded by the developers.
      There is literally no way for games to be hosted as 1.7 or 1.8, as that would mean opening a seperate server, hosted on an earlier version, which you can connect to using an outdated client, with the only solution being hosting another server, on an outdated version.
      Refer to waynes post about resources.
    3. Imranos
      Seems like none of the PVP-ers here played Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. XD
    4. NehDarBlocked
      Can i not argue about a block game, transferring to a new version? Also, even if xeal changes to 1.9 i still have another premium account, if not i can play on any other servers.But xeal is my first server,ever since i started minecraft pc last year 2015 feburary. XEAL IS EVERYTHING TO ME. XEAL IS THE REASON I HAVE FRIENDS. troller, SliverStrike, _tjw_,LordShadow2003,Chatter,rimone,limzs,AmateurPvP,shleepy, CorbJ,rockedgg,Kawaii43,nuvaaspect,Kendama and MANY OTHERS. The reason i have this much friends,is because,of xeal.I MADE FRIENDS USING A VIDEO GAME.XEAL IS THE REASON I GOT CONNECTED WITH THE WORLD OUTSIDE. I AM A STUPID KID, PLAYING VIDEO GAMES ALL DAY AT HOME,WHILE MY DAD TELLS ME TO GET A LIFE.BUT EVER SINCE I STARTED XEAL,MY LIFE CHANGED.MY DAD WAS HAPPY FOR ME THAT I EVEN MADE FRIENDS ON A VIDEO GAME.MY DAD WAS PROUD I HAD FRIENDS TO HELP ME AT THE TOUGHTEST TIMES. ( if xeal changes to 1.9 its ok.i will try my best to support that decision. ) yes, if xeal changes to 1.9 and i quit, i lose all,and i lose my reason to even play minecraft. Xeal is everything to me, so just....i have no reason to argue with someone, ON A BLOCK GAME PLAYED BY MANY KIDS IN THE WORLD. SO IF YOU THINK 1.9 IS THE BEST DECISION.THEN DO IT. THE COMMUNITY WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT IT NO MATTER WHAT. AND AGAIN.


      ( not to be rude and didn't meant to start a fight due to a game that resolves around placing blocks surviving and killing other people that made out of blocks. )

      Why am i even arguing right now. Its just a game. If you thinks its the best,THEN DO IT. 1.9 is new, if the server has a way to make the players adept to the new updates,THEN DO IT. WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT IT. yes, im a kid.

      ( ok while i waste like 10 minutes of my life writing this, i look like an idiot spamming buttons on a tablet. Ok, so 1.9 is like challenging us to a game. Then bring it on. We accept the challenge. 1.9, bring it ON.
      --- Double Post Merged, 26 Feb 2016 ---
      Honestly, thats the most words i ever typed in my life. And gavin, sorry about my dumbness. I get you now.

      ( still dunno why i cant change my mind about 1.8 ) i'll think about 1.9 first. Honestly, i dont even know why i hate 1.9, maybe its the fact that i cant adept to new updates,or im just a dumb 13 immature kid. Still, i like 1.8 xeal.
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    5. LittleTako
      intense cooldowns m8
      I don't mind 1.9 but pvp PLEASE STAY PUT IN 1.8! Dangit. Oh and maybe u might wanna make it 1.8 and 1.9 just to see how ppl will react to it. As it is, RIP labymod if 1.9 is used cos I dun think labymod has a 1.9 version yet
    7. Wuggle
      If we do update, it will be about 2 to 4 weeks after the official release, which I would think is ample time for the mod developers to update accordingly.
    8. Edue
      Actually, you are wrong. Spigot developers are (sometimes) known to produce protocol hack Spigot jars. These protocol hack jars allow 2 consecutive but different versions to enter a server (Eg. 1.7 and 1.8), assuming the server is using the protocol hack. However, do note that servers using protocol hack jars will still be on the older version (Eg. If a 1.7-1.8 protocol hack jar is used, then the server will be listed as 1.7, but 1.8 players will still be able to join).

      Also, do note that there is no guarantee that a protocol hack will be made for 1.8-1.9.
    9. DerpyPotato
      I speaking of hackers, you know there was once a guy who abused /shout and said that Singapore sucks? Ya. He got ip-banned, but then other people said the exact same message. How? Fake-ip. Ban hammers don't work on people who actually know how to hack :p not sayi I'm the hacker.

      I played Chilvary b4
    10. shadow1303
      If the whatever wuggle wants wins
      What wuggle wants anyways?
    11. blink
      1.9 is pretty cool I must admit but is it possible to keep wars and games 1.8? 1.9 ruined minecraft pvp but there is not much pvp at main and no pvp at all at plots,either that or we wait until microsoft fixes the pvp problem
    12. Charadrake
      AlphaMC 1.5
    13. ChimneySwift11
      I didn't even know abt Minecraft then
    14. ItsJir
      i swear, if "whatever wuggle wants" is the highest in the end i'm gonna lmao
    15. rimone
      This is gonna cause a riot of pvpers ..
    16. LittleTako
      Theyll have to be forced to adapt or quit if it ever happens
    17. Chat4Life
      *cough cough*


      PS: i don't smoke nothing.Its THE TRUTH :>
    18. reapjaw
      Dude taking one instance out of 24 hours a day doesnt prove anything. Also i dont get it like how far players go just to prove a simple point. Also i bet out of 22 players only like 10 players were in kitpvp (cuz that's wat u should be worried about rather than the whole games server). Even i play hide and seek , oitq and kitpvp myself. But do u see me banter about it? no right? i guess its just a matter of perspective but damn everyone has to prove a point these days. As a matter of fact the last couple of days i have seen more than 20 players online in main whereas in comparison only like 7 players online in "kitpvp" atmost at a certain period of time(maybe more i guess? but u dont see me posting pictures right?) sorry for bashing out but aghhhhhhhhh :mad:
      Last edited: 28 Feb 2016
      Probably quit.
    20. Iammy
      1.9 and 1.8 so much difference XD they're almost totally different
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