Cessation Of Minecraft Servers

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By Wuggle on 4 Sep 2016 at 18:53
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    Hey guys,

    It has been 3 years since the establishment of Xeal and we are very disheartened to announce that Xeal Gaming Minecraft Network will be closing by the end of this month. We are currently facing difficulties managing such an established server during this time, especially with our shortage of available manpower and insufficient funding, which lead to a decline in the server’s upkeep standards.

    Our tentative closing date will be on 30 Sep 2016.

    We understand that this may seem very sudden to all of you, but it has been brought up many times in our staff discussions for some time now and we have come to a consensus that closing Xeal Minecraft is the best way for all of us in the long run. We apologise for any players applying for ranks or wishing to further your progress in Xeal Minecraft and hope that you are able to understand our current predicament.

    Our Forums (at xealgaming.net) and Discord server (at discord.gg/nYZNWNa) will still be up even after Xeal Minecraft closes, to keep the bond between players alive and to keep in touch. There may be future updates on Xeal's fate, hence it would be heartening if players are still active in these respective platforms.

    To lighten up our last days of Xeal, we will be granting Donor perks to players (/hat, /nick, /pweather, /fly, /ext etc.) and all MAIN rank applications will be approved. There are also events in the pipeline that await you in the next coming months and we promise that they’ll be more fun than ever! We'll also be adding a new After Xeal section on the forums.

    In addition, we would like to thank all current and ex-staff members who dedicated their time and work tirelessly to manage the server, and not forgetting the players and donors who have been continuously supporting Xeal Gaming to keep us alive all these while. It has been a great experience working and learning with the fun loving staff members <3

    Last but not least, we wish everyone all the best in their future adventures and endeavours.

    Thank you,

    Systems Administrator
    Xeal Gaming Community
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 4 Sep 2016.

    1. lengrith
      Why must everything I love die???
    2. lengzaiyau
      Really ? T.T I'm just a student ....

      But, I really do enjoy playing in the server.If you end up Xeal what am I supposed to play (my one and only game, server) Im serious
    3. lengrith
      I can donate but I can't afford 1k!!
    4. battleaxe07
      I... Just got expert... After 1.5 years...
      If only i applied for helper when i was adept instead of skilled, i could be at least a mod right now...

      If only i didnt worked so hard for the server, tiredlessly building, pvping, having fun and stuff, i wouldnt feel terrible right now...


      Because of these hardworks, it has teach me to be patient and creative.

      Because of these pains, it teach me how to be strong

      Because of all these, it has made who i am

      Without xeal i probably become someone worst by now. No matter what happen to the server, xeal is still my life. Even if its shut down forever.

      Thanks xeal, for being there in my life for 1.5 years! And thanks wug for hosting this server! Thanks to the staff members as well for creating a very confortable place. And to my friends for kicking my face all day :P

      At least promote me to legend :<
      And i swear if this is one of those september fools joke im gonna quit for real
    5. LucasWee62669
      Would Xeal come back when there is sufficient funds and problems resolve?
    6. Cyardasa
      Its been a good 3 years, glad to be a part of the community. Sad to see it go down, but running it with not many active players would only drain the staff even more.

      I would just like to know whether a world download of main and maybe plots would be available after the server goes down, would love to continue explore everyone's builds at my own pace.
    7. Ender
      I know its hard for some of you guys but things will eventually die down and you have to move on.I, also expierienced something simillar to this recently.So, whatever happens please accept the fact and move on. We will never forget the days we spent together and the memories we made together!Stay strong, sorry if you dedicated much time and effort to your applications and crushing your dreams of what you want to be in the server in the future. Take this as an opportunity to focus on your studies and get good grades!! We only have a few days left so please enjoy these last few days to your very fullest!

      Hugs from
      Ender \(^-^)/
    8. lengrith
      Agreed, I would like to go around a take a look if a download is possible
    9. 753zXc
      erm, will xeal revive in the future? :panda::panda::panda:
    10. YingHui
      Are you serious?!
      Why??The best community server I ever been...
      Will it online back??
    11. Blehrtron derp
      Blehrtron derp
      maybe u guys can host on another game?
    12. lengzaiyau
    13. YingHui
      Lol 1000$..I am still studying..!!
    14. 753zXc
      1k SGD is equal to RM3k T.T
    15. lengzaiyau
      Ikr i cant even effort to donate that much money
      --- Double Post Merged, 4 Sep 2016 ---
      Im sooo sad when I sees this.
      My 1month + patients done nothing T.T
    16. Poke
      I second this. I want a world download of main and plots too. Maybe upload it onto google drive and post the link in this forum?
    17. juggernauts
      I support this
    18. 753zXc
      lel, edited, just main rank app got instant-approved, staff arent
    19. Blehrtron derp
      Blehrtron derp
      i rejekt already sry for u lengzai might get rejekt also