Cessation Of Minecraft Servers

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By Wuggle on 4 Sep 2016 at 18:53
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    Hey guys,

    It has been 3 years since the establishment of Xeal and we are very disheartened to announce that Xeal Gaming Minecraft Network will be closing by the end of this month. We are currently facing difficulties managing such an established server during this time, especially with our shortage of available manpower and insufficient funding, which lead to a decline in the server’s upkeep standards.

    Our tentative closing date will be on 30 Sep 2016.

    We understand that this may seem very sudden to all of you, but it has been brought up many times in our staff discussions for some time now and we have come to a consensus that closing Xeal Minecraft is the best way for all of us in the long run. We apologise for any players applying for ranks or wishing to further your progress in Xeal Minecraft and hope that you are able to understand our current predicament.

    Our Forums (at xealgaming.net) and Discord server (at discord.gg/nYZNWNa) will still be up even after Xeal Minecraft closes, to keep the bond between players alive and to keep in touch. There may be future updates on Xeal's fate, hence it would be heartening if players are still active in these respective platforms.

    To lighten up our last days of Xeal, we will be granting Donor perks to players (/hat, /nick, /pweather, /fly, /ext etc.) and all MAIN rank applications will be approved. There are also events in the pipeline that await you in the next coming months and we promise that they’ll be more fun than ever! We'll also be adding a new After Xeal section on the forums.

    In addition, we would like to thank all current and ex-staff members who dedicated their time and work tirelessly to manage the server, and not forgetting the players and donors who have been continuously supporting Xeal Gaming to keep us alive all these while. It has been a great experience working and learning with the fun loving staff members <3

    Last but not least, we wish everyone all the best in their future adventures and endeavours.

    Thank you,

    Systems Administrator
    Xeal Gaming Community
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 4 Sep 2016.

    1. juggernauts
    2. Techbro
      Bye, we don't want need you here. The rest of us will be staying to the end.
    3. juggernauts
      I think you forgot "or" between "want" and "need"...?
    4. 753zXc
    5. rkdia
      Thats a good one right there ^
    6. StylZ
      Salty comments has been deleted and the insulters has been warned for Verbal Harassment under Forum Rules. The last moment of Xeal Gaming don't need excess salt from 1.8 Toxic PvPers(not all 1.8 PvPers are toxic but some of them are)

      (Calling people sucks, dumb, sh*t, idiot and etc are surely asking for fight. You can share your opinion but in a civilized way not just throwing sh*t at other people by typing pointless rant. Want to make argument? Post your opinion like Aether does, he got good point and his point is acceptable)
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    7. pupu1134
      Its been fun making for the server and I hope we will meet again some day guys.

      A shout out to all the admins, helpers and builders and which ever rank i may have forgotten to add, It has been truly an honor playing/working with u guys and creating events for everyone to play and (Die) in my games.

      The builds i have made my be gone but at lease i have a face book page for it lol, here is the link who ever wants to see it

      And Salty or whatever players who always have a negative or destructive attitude to everyone in the server this message is for you guys. I understand this is the internet and u can do what ever you want but remember the more you do it you are not only destroying the lives of others but also yourself as eventually you will do it to your personal lives and soon you will have no one you can truly call friends so take my advice and change for the better.

      Thank you Xeal for giving me a wonderful time for the 2 years i have been playing and Killing you guys.

    8. jef72
      A heart-breaking thread :( i was just back from 6months farewell and then saw this..
      thank you Xeal for everything after 2 and half Year playing here i met new friends and also a good leader.. Hope Daddy Wug make new MC server :) it's a farewell again goodbye.. I'm happy i met this server/game since this is my first and hoping not to be the last server :) Thanks again for players and staff that changed my gameplay and also my attitude :) THANKS AGAIN GUYS!!
    9. xJessica
      My first minecraft multiplayer server :[ Recently, I just found out that Nether Star drop from Wither not Wither Skeleton -_- No wonder those bone monsters didn't drop any.. Sayo Xeal :[
    10. Techbro
      Whatever happened to the tanks and planes I made for you xD?
    11. potatobanana
      After a few months I thought I'd come back and catch up a bit, did not expect to see this. In loving memory of Xeal, it was amazing.
    12. ChimneySwift11
    13. GoodLuckCharlie
      I know I'm kinda late in posting on this thread, but I enjoyed my time on Xeal. While the server was populated, it was really cool to actually get to know all you guys and the server was fun. I hope someday, Xeal could be restarted with the same mindset as before.
    14. Felix Ong
      Felix Ong
      Is there anyway to retrieve my plot builds haha
    15. juggernauts
      world downloader mod
    16. Derplord
      After loosing interest in Xeal ,now I come back n hope for new stuff n i see dis :(
    17. DumbAlert
      *cries in a corner* weeps
    18. xNordin
      Really cool that it has survived a few years ! Would love to see a future update saying the server is back :)
      Anyways, thank you for the experience ! My 2nd Ever Minecraft Server
    19. DarkieZekin
      Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend
    20. Joker 55
      Joker 55
      why is xeal still alive it's 1st of October