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By Wuggle on 4 Sep 2016 at 18:53
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    Hey guys,

    It has been 3 years since the establishment of Xeal and we are very disheartened to announce that Xeal Gaming Minecraft Network will be closing by the end of this month. We are currently facing difficulties managing such an established server during this time, especially with our shortage of available manpower and insufficient funding, which lead to a decline in the server’s upkeep standards.

    Our tentative closing date will be on 30 Sep 2016.

    We understand that this may seem very sudden to all of you, but it has been brought up many times in our staff discussions for some time now and we have come to a consensus that closing Xeal Minecraft is the best way for all of us in the long run. We apologise for any players applying for ranks or wishing to further your progress in Xeal Minecraft and hope that you are able to understand our current predicament.

    Our Forums (at xealgaming.net) and Discord server (at discord.gg/nYZNWNa) will still be up even after Xeal Minecraft closes, to keep the bond between players alive and to keep in touch. There may be future updates on Xeal's fate, hence it would be heartening if players are still active in these respective platforms.

    To lighten up our last days of Xeal, we will be granting Donor perks to players (/hat, /nick, /pweather, /fly, /ext etc.) and all MAIN rank applications will be approved. There are also events in the pipeline that await you in the next coming months and we promise that they’ll be more fun than ever! We'll also be adding a new After Xeal section on the forums.

    In addition, we would like to thank all current and ex-staff members who dedicated their time and work tirelessly to manage the server, and not forgetting the players and donors who have been continuously supporting Xeal Gaming to keep us alive all these while. It has been a great experience working and learning with the fun loving staff members <3

    Last but not least, we wish everyone all the best in their future adventures and endeavours.

    Thank you,

    Systems Administrator
    Xeal Gaming Community
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 4 Sep 2016.

    1. juggernauts
      Xeal is still open because
      Tentative guys
    2. Tyler
      Sad to see that the server I gained part of my maturity is going down. Either way, something tragic such as this is somehow bound to happen one way or another. This is just some thought from a long lost former Xeal Gaming player. Kudos on the foreseeable future of Xeal.
    3. ItsJir
      Hmu on skype.
    4. wanderlust96
      So sad to read this news :(
      I hope the server will make a comeback someday. I miss playing with you guys.
      The best minecraft server I ever joined, It even made me buy a legit account XD
    5. durianhead
      Man, that's really sad. Missed my time playing at Xeal :(
    6. fate
      Xeal is closed?! Sian ah,I wanted to join the server but i cant, but some bad news greeted my eyes. And as for the rank, I should apply for owner.
      Nonetheless, Its still saddening to hear xeal(A place i can commit crime), to leave us.
    7. FatPanda0
      that was saddening i wanted to join back.I just finished my examinations....
    8. DumbAlert
      R.I.P FatPanda0
    9. De_Patocraft
      I used to play this server about a year and half ago, I loved the server i was on almost everyday, so i went to jump back online but it says cant resolve hostname so i jump on the forums and saw this, its a shame to see it go offline :(

      How much is needed to keep the server up and running per week/month/year?

      If i'm able to help in any way i'd love to do so.
    10. ivanwong1989
      feels so sad. and nostalgic.
      came back to play today. and just knew xeal closed..... :(
      i was on rest for 1 year-ish.. and :(
    11. huang junwei
    12. ChimneySwift11
    13. juggernauts
    14. 753zXc
    15. ArishadPurnama
      First up, I'm sorry to hear that such a great SG server has been shut down. It had been a really great adventure working alongside the Xeal community. I understand however that mantaining a server, further more as a student, can be really taxing especially with the decline of the Minecraft playerbase. I applaud Wug for his dedication in keeping the server up for this long and wish him all the best in his future endeavour. It has been a joy being a part of this server and may we cross paths again in the future. This is [EX-Legend]One, signing out.
    16. juggernauts
      You're still here?
    17. encore
      Well its about time that this server dies.
      Since you guys added 1.9 to the server,50% of your players left the server.
    18. xJessica
      Guyysss.. my English is kinda bad..so bear with me kay? ^^

      Hmm...I joined Xeal and stayed here for about 2 years because it was a peaceful faction server with strict rules and professional staffs. I think that is what makes Xeal a very pleasant place to play in.

      From what I know (when I first joined), People love to build, interact with one another, showing off their builds with one another and creating many wonderful and lovely faction/ community.

      As more players join Xeal, they started to pvp alot. That is when Xeal introduced a vanilla server/ War faction to accommodate to these people. It was a new experience for me, but I did not like the fact that players steal/ raid and destroy other people's building.
      "That is the point of war faction isn't it?" but why didn't the war server grow? I think it's because the older and more active players did not join Xeal because of pvp. And new players that joined the war faction left for other server and the older players went back to main server.

      From the many servers that I played in, I have Never seen a server with more than 50 over players and the chat is so clean, spam free, vulgarities free. Why? because of dedicated staffs and lovely players that obey the rules. I think that is what makes Xeal so unique.

      ~~Below are my personal opinion~~ ^^/

      Some of you might say, the new pvp mechanics in 1.9 is not suitable for pvp, but the server has to grow and it will requires fund, nobody moves backwards.. like.. how about we downgrade the server to version 0.1? But taking the war faction into consideration, did the server there grow? No. Do Xeal want to take the risk of wasting costly resources to implement 1.8 into 1.9 where most players would eventually go to a full pvp server with more of the same interest players there? I'm not even sure if it cost money tho....

      I think players did not left Xeal because of the new 1.9 pvp mechanics and that I'm pretty sure its not 50%. Xeal prosper not because of PvP and the 100 over older/ pioneer players did not join Xeal because of Pvp. It is because most of them have personal commitments. If your friends leave, you will eventually leave the server too.

      Yuuupp that is all. Thanks for reading! \^^/
    19. Demon
      Totally agree on Jessica's view, I personally missed the peaceful and friendly environment of the main server, that is the uniqueness of Xeal, I've yet to find another server that offers the same feel of it, you make new friends, meet people and take up responsibilities. The strict chat rules in Xeal main server is the reason why the it is such a pleasant place to be in, away from the inevitable toxicity of PvP players. The players who left Xeal due to 1.9 mechanics is not the main reason for it to die out, we are better off without them. Xeal died out due to players in the Main server having commitments in their life, which results in less playtime and eventually less players. The old members of the management team also resigned one by one, due to specific reasons, what is left is an empty server which is not appealing for new comers to stay. Also, we are also struggling to find ways to circumvent the EULA of Mojang, but it seems that we failed to do so, resulting in the lack of funding and the closing of the server. All I said above are from my point of view, I might be wrong in some places so feel free to correct me. My only wish for now is that someone will be able to set up a server with the same rules like Xeal's Main Server, and all the old Xealers gather there and be able to find the fun and joy of Xeal in the new server.
    20. Techbro
      Salty much?