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By Wuggle on 4 Sep 2016 at 18:53
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    Hey guys,

    It has been 3 years since the establishment of Xeal and we are very disheartened to announce that Xeal Gaming Minecraft Network will be closing by the end of this month. We are currently facing difficulties managing such an established server during this time, especially with our shortage of available manpower and insufficient funding, which lead to a decline in the server’s upkeep standards.

    Our tentative closing date will be on 30 Sep 2016.

    We understand that this may seem very sudden to all of you, but it has been brought up many times in our staff discussions for some time now and we have come to a consensus that closing Xeal Minecraft is the best way for all of us in the long run. We apologise for any players applying for ranks or wishing to further your progress in Xeal Minecraft and hope that you are able to understand our current predicament.

    Our Forums (at xealgaming.net) and Discord server (at discord.gg/nYZNWNa) will still be up even after Xeal Minecraft closes, to keep the bond between players alive and to keep in touch. There may be future updates on Xeal's fate, hence it would be heartening if players are still active in these respective platforms.

    To lighten up our last days of Xeal, we will be granting Donor perks to players (/hat, /nick, /pweather, /fly, /ext etc.) and all MAIN rank applications will be approved. There are also events in the pipeline that await you in the next coming months and we promise that they’ll be more fun than ever! We'll also be adding a new After Xeal section on the forums.

    In addition, we would like to thank all current and ex-staff members who dedicated their time and work tirelessly to manage the server, and not forgetting the players and donors who have been continuously supporting Xeal Gaming to keep us alive all these while. It has been a great experience working and learning with the fun loving staff members <3

    Last but not least, we wish everyone all the best in their future adventures and endeavours.

    Thank you,

    Systems Administrator
    Xeal Gaming Community
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 4 Sep 2016.

    1. NehDarBlocked
      who in the name of potatoes still care about this? let the past be the past. just move on and find another server / interest.
    2. Techbro
      More like move on and find another game
    3. 753zXc
      totally agree
    4. Tarence
      if so why bother coming back to the forums?
    5. 753zXc
      chill.... it's just his opinion :)
    6. GoodLuckCharlie
      Yup. I currently play on another factions server in Singapore, and I gotta admit that raiding and griefing can be fun. However, it lacks many of the chat rules that Xeal used to enforce. As a result, the server has quite a few toxic players who only focus on PvP and insult others when they lose. Of course, many of the players are from Xeal, meaning that they are very polite :)

      I personally did not like the 1.9 update. Not just the pvp, but everything about it. But when Xeal was first updated, I didn't really choose to quit until everyone left. When I realized that the server had barely 10 people in the afternoons, I knew the end was coming. To be honest, though, the 1.9 update was also a big reason for the server's death. The world around us has a cycle. When someone dies, another person joins the world. It's the same with a Minecraft server. When someone leaves, another player is bound to go into that missing spot. That's how most big servers have survived over the years. In Singapore and Asia in general, Xeal used to be a server of great magnitude in comparison to others around it. However, just around the 1.9 update mark, players stopped joining. The rate of players leaving did slightly increase, excluding the ones who quit just because of pvp. This was further worsened by the small influx of new players, due to 1.9's rep. I loved the 1.8 update and every update before it. But 1.9 was quite different and I really hated it. When I searched for a new server to play, I ticked the filter that said "1.8". I'm pretty sure many players in Asia followed my example, and that's why they weren't able to find xeal.
    7. Bernard
      All other server's player are quite toxic.

      Last 3 months or 4 I played on a server and one guy keep spamming
      "Looking for a hot 17 year old girl on skype." or smth like that.