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    An updated list of commands for the Main server.
    -> Checked as of 22/11/14

    [Novice] Commands
    -> /afk Sets AFK status
    -> /balance (bal) Checks your balance
    -> /balancetop (baltop) Shows the richest players on the server
    -> /compass Gives your current position
    -> /deletehome (delhome) Deletes a specified home.
    Usage: /delhome <home name>
    -> /depth Gives your depth above or below sea level. Sea level is y=63
    -> /help Shows the list of commands ingame.
    -> /helpop Sends a message to all online admins.
    Usage: /helpop <message>
    -> /home Returns you to a set home
    Usage: /home <home>
    -> /ignore Ignores the meanie specified.
    Usage: /ignore <player>
    -> /kit Browses all available kits. You may also buy a kit.
    Usage: /kit to browse, /kit <kit> to purchase.
    -> /list Shows all online players, excluding vanished players.
    -> /mail Allows you to either receive or send mail.
    Usage for send: /mail send <player> <message>
    Other uses: /mail read, reads all available mail
    /mail clear, clears all received mail.
    -> /me Sends out a chat with your name infront
    Usage: /me <message>
    -> /motd Shows the Message of the Day, which is the message you get when joining the server.
    -> /msg Sends the specified player a private message.
    Usage: /msg <player> <message>
    -> /pay Pay up!
    Usage: /pay <player> <amount>
    -> /ping Shows your current ping. You can also check the ping of others.
    Usage: /ping <player>
    -> /realname Checks the real name behind the nickname.
    Usage: /realname <nickname>
    -> /rules Shows the rules.
    -> /sethome Sets a home at your current position
    Usage: /sethome <home>
    -> /suicide Goodbye cruel world...
    -> /time Shows ingame time.
    -> /tpa Sends a teleport request to a player.
    Usage: /tpa <player>
    -> /tpaccept Accepts the tpa request
    -> /tpahere Come to me.
    Usage: /tpahere <player>
    -> /tpadeny Go away.
    -> /warp Teleports to a set server warp.
    -> /worth Checks how much an item is worth.
    Usage: /worth <item/hand>
    -> /disguise Disguise to other players as a mob!
    Usage: /disguise <mob>
    -> /sort Sorts your inventory. Punch a chest first to sort the chest instead.
    -> /auc This is a lie.
    -> /bid Bid on a running auction.
    Usage: /bid <amount>
    -> /spawn Teleports to the spawn point
    -> /minigame Shows all minigame commands. You may only use /mgm quit.
    -> /pr near <radius> Shows all actions done in said radius.

    For more info, check this thread out.
    -> /lwc Shows all LWC commands.
    For more info, check this thread out.
    Disguises: Mushroom_Cow, Zombie, Sheep

    [Initiate] Commands:
    -> /auc Starts an auction. Do /auc ? for more info.
    -> /back Returns to your previous location.
    -> /enderchest (ec) Opens up your ender chest.
    -> /getpos Gives you your position.
    -> /itemdb Searches for an item.
    -> /recipe Shows the recipe for a certain item.
    Usage: /recipe <item>
    -> /seen Shows when was a player last logged out.
    Usage: /seen <player>
    -> /tptoggle Go away, stalker.
    -> /workbench (wb, craft) Opens up a workbench.

    Others: Chat is now white.

    [Adept] Commands:
    -> /fly Take off, and soar!
    If you get hit while flying, you cannot fly for 15 seconds.
    You can now apply for staff ranks.

    [Skilled] Commands:
    -> /firework Allows you to modify a stack of fireworks.
    -> No auction fee of $100 for starting an auction

    Expert Commands (Donor) :
    -> /dt Sends a chat in Donor Chat
    Usage: /dt <message>
    -> /hat Wears a certain item as a helmet.
    -> /nick Sets a custom nickname
    Usage: /nick <nickname>
    -> /tp Peekaboo! Did I scare you?
    Usage: /tp <player>

    Donor Zone Permissions.
    Experts do not have /go donorzone.
    Colour chat via &<code><message>.
    Chat is now yellow.
    Death penalty = 1%
    Disguises: Bat, Skeleton, Chicken, Enderman, Sheep, Slime, Villager, Witch

    [Legend] Commands (Donor+) :
    -> /extinguish (ext) Extinguishes yourself. Be a good guy and extinguish others too!
    Usage: /ext <player>
    -> /lore Sets an item lore. Hold on an item to set it's name.
    Usage: /lore name <name>
    -> /ptime Sets your personal time. Aesthetic purposes only. Mobs will still spawn if it is actually night time.
    Usage: /ptime <time>
    -> /pweather Sets your personal weather. Aesthetic purposes only. Can reduce lag, however.
    Usage: /pweather <weather>
    -> /top Teleports you to the top of the world !!! (Or the highest point above your head)
    -> /whois Shows a lot of data on said player.
    Usage: /whois <player>

    Others: Painting Switcher
    Disguises: Creeper, Horse, Ocelot, Squid, Wolf, Zombie_Villager

    Elite Commands:
    -> /nick Coloured Nicknames
    Usage: /nick <nickname>

    No teleport cooldown
    Cannot be beheaded
    Higher Priority Help
    Free Hostkey Protection
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  2. Cyardasa

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    23 Feb 2014
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    Sponser Commands:
    -> /tppos Teleports to a certain position
    Usage: /tppos <x> <y> <z>
    -> /lore desc Sets a description for an item
    Usage: /lore desc <description>

    No Monetary Death Penalty
    No tp duration
    No 7% auction tax on auctioneer
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    I will edit if I see mistakes, thanks for aiding me when I feel lazy :p
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