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By StylZ on 16 Nov 2017 at 11:35
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    Unexpected update eh?

    Anyways, I'm going to introduce you something brand new and something cool (sarcasm) on forum... The Dark Mode.

    What is Dark Mode?

    Dark Mode is the new forum theme inspired by iOS 11's Dark Mode Smart Invert (As a iOS User, that mode sucks anyway).
    The main feature of this theme is to reduce the amount of white color on forum as much as possible.

    May I preview it?

    Why Dark Mode?
    1) Using Forum with white background hurt some people's eye especially at night. This mode is made for people who are photosensitive to lights (like me).
    2) OLED Benefits. Dark theme may increase battery life on any OLED display device (theoretically)
    3) It works so much better than iOS Smart Invert. You'll enjoying dark theme everywhere on this forum. Unlike Apple's version, it doesn't work on any third party app. (Apple plz fix)
    4) Don't you think it look good?

    How do I get it?
    Go to "Style Chooser" at bottom left corner of the page to select theme.
    After you opened the theme menu, go and select FA Dark Mode. Ya... that's all.
    (I cannot guarantee this mode is free from any problems)

    There ya go, an update to a near dead forum. Shoulda have made this when Xeal is alive.

    Enjoy the joke update
    this mode made my cancer getting cancer


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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by StylZ, 16 Nov 2017.