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    As the name suggests, Initiate rank is for players who wish to establish themselves in the community and to do that is not very hard. All you have to do is to make an application thread following the format and guideline that can be seen Here.

    For those who have a hard time writing one, I am going to break it down for you one by one.

    As you can see, the format specify the following :

    Thread Title: <Name>'s <Rank> Application
    • Real Name:
    • Minecraft Name:
    • Votes for server:
    • Total Playtime:
    • About Me:
    • Why I should get the rank (achievements, milestones, creations, contributions, if any) :
    • Last words (optional) :

    Thread Title : In this part, you must have your IGN and the rank you wish to apply for with the word "Application" at the end.
    For example : <your name>'s<rank>application will be substituted by : Zero's Noob Application
    - Zero's my IGN
    - Noob is the rank
    - Application is .... the last word.

    If you miss your name, it will make the thread meaningless even though you specified the IGN because it will lead us to think you are a retard.
    If you miss the rank, we don't know what you want to apply for which renders us unable to comprehend your goal.
    If you miss the word application, we'll think that it's not an application and take it as a normal thread instead which leads to us marking it as "Invalid".

    Be careful not to miss out on any information. A group of Robots will be evaluating your application and we will not know what to do except for rejection since we don't know the motive of the thread.

    Real Name
    : Just put your real name. If you do not wish to reveal your identity, you can always put just your first name.

    "But why must we reveal our own name ?"
    Because we wish to make the community a close-knitted group of people while some wish to be your friend thus your real name.

    Minecraft Name : Or your IGN (In-game name). Make sure to type it correctly else we will be promoting the wrong person and we will not be responsible for that.

    Vote for server : This part require your amount of vote you have performed for the server helping us understand your love for the server. If you love the server, you should consider voting even though a particular rank does not require you to vote at all. (You can use /vr stats in game to check vote count)
    ( pst...there are tons of rewards...;) )

    Total Playtime : This section needs you to write the playtime you have achieved. To clarify, your total playtime is not how long you have been on the server and instead, it is how long you have actually gone online on the server. In order to get an accurate playtime of your character, please use the command /onlinetime in game.

    Why I should get the rank (achievements, milestones, creations, contributions, if any) : Although it is a relatively broad question, you just have to mention why you deserve the rank, ie. why you are worthy of attaining the rank.

    Last words (optional) : Use this to mention anything you would like to add on to your application in general.

    According to the guideline, you must have played on the server for 10 hours collectively. Make sure you have more than 10 hours of playtime before applying.

    Here's an example : I want to be an engineer. What makes you think you can become an engineer ? Answers : Because I am good at math and physics. I am experienced in solving even the hardest of problems. Moreover, I have a diploma that shows that I am knowledgeable enough to become one.

    In the same manner, what makes you think you can establish yourself in the community therefore attaining the rank ? In order to blend yourself into a social group, you must first know their customs and knows how they show their basic respect. Same to the server, you must first understand the basic rules of the server and forum along with how the game works.

    Things you MUST NOT WRITE IN THIS PHASE are what you have not been asked including but not limited to :
    • Your daily life
    • Your minecraft life
    • Your real life problem
    • Who you invited to the server (if you have invited your friends, make sure you check out the referral section which can be found Here.
    • Who invited you to the server
    • How much you like the server
    • How much you love the staffs
    • The rules of the server (unless asked which you must REPLY instead of EDITING the whole application.)
    • Promises as we do not accept promises (for example : I will vote more, I will be more active, I will build this build that...etc etc)
    • Obvious information about the requirement to post the app. Admins will check it either you have written it or not.

    All the points mentioned above are not needed because it is not in any way related to how you are deserving of the rank. If anything, it will be regarded as irrelevant information and will not contribute to the application.

    Things you SHOULD WRITE IN THIS PHASE are what you have been asked including but not limited to :
    • Your comprehensive ability to understand the server and how it works
    • Your comprehensive ability to understand the forum and how it works
    • Your ability to cope with in-game problems
    • How much you know about the game
    Please also note that you :
    • Should be honest and tell the truth. If we find out that you lie, your application will be rejected immediately.
    • Should get straight to the point
    • Make your application either
      • Short but meaningful OR
      • Long but straight to the point
    • Your answer to the last question should be at an appropriate length (refer to the 2 sub points above).
    • Should not ask the staff members to check your application directly or indirectly
    • Builds are not needed for any type of non-staff application below [Skilled]. If you are applying for Initiate, builds will be ignored. If you are applying for Adept, make sure it is worth giving the rank. You may get the fly command, but ask yourself this : Does your build deserve it ?
    • Should know that helping people is does not contribute to ranking up.

    Applicants will be asked to edit the application up to 2 times if unrelated information are given.
    Applicants will be allowed to respond to the replies by the moderators within 3 to 5 days depending on each individual and their in-game/forum activity.

    • If any section was/were left out : It will be marked with invalid and you may try again in no less than 5 days.
    • If you fail to give relevant information even after the last chance we have given you : It will be marked as rejected and may try again in no less than 5 days..
    • If you have been marked rejected for breaking the rules : It will be marked as rejected with the reason of rejection specified. You may try again after 2 weeks.
    • If you have a punishing record within the last 7 days : It will be left untouched until the 7-last-days-punishing record is expired. For example : I was banned on the 1st of Jan. I may post an application thread but it will not be screened until the 9th of Jan because 9 minus 1 equals 8 which makes the record expire. In some cases, it will be rejected on the spot with a history that will bar you from applying for the next amount of days mentioned.
    • If you are rejected for lack of forum activity, you may try again when your requirements has been fulfilled and no less than 5 days.
    Edited as of Sept 19 2015

    If you have any question regarding something that I may have left out, feel free to drop them in my mailbox.
    Thanks for reading !!!
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