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    Hello everyone, in this thread I want to show you how I PvP.
    Step 1: Jitterclick
    I know this might seem dumb, but clicking faster actually helps ALOT. It gives you better comboes but the bad aim. I really like this technique and for me it makes me more accurate at aiming, dont ask me why lol.(WARNING: IF YOU ARE NOT EXPIRIENCED AT JUST SQUIZING YOUR MUSCLE AND SCARED TO GET CARPAL TUNNEL, DON'T DO THIS.)
    And plus here's a tutorial of me jitterclicking:
    How to do it: Squeaze your muscles in your arm like how you want to punch someone but at a mouse clicking position.
    Step 2: Lower sensitivity, better aim.
    Lower sensitivity really helps your aim. But you really need to move your mouse alot of times. if you are lazy, don't do this lol.
    How to do it: Make your windows sens like 5, your dpi 400 and like 70 minecraft sensitivity. The only way you can do this is by trying.
    Step 3: W-Tap vs Strafing.
    I usually like both W-tapping and strafing, but doing both of them in the same time is really hard to execute. So I personally highly recommend you minemans to use only one tactic, either wtap or strafe.
    How to strafe: Now, there are lots of ways on how to strafe. There are different methods. These following methods are one of the most famous methods of strafing:
    Stimpy strafe: Press either A or D until you make a 180 towards your opponent while hitting them.
    Cayden strafe: Now, this is really popular in the old 1.5-1.6 days. This was really common back then. How to execute it is basically just circle around your enemies while hitting them. Note that this is really depending on how good the opponent's aim is. You need higher sensitivity to do this too. I use hyperspeed if I want to do this haha.
    mk strafe: This is not really popular, but efficient. Just tap A and D rapidly until you trash on the opponent.
    Step 3: Hotkey
    Watch this tutorial on hotkeying because I'm not really good at it lol.
    Step 4: Schmokkyyy refilling
    This is really hard to execute, so just practice to do this. Here's a tutorial on how to do it:
    My own tactic: 360 soup n refill n crit
    How to execute: soup while doing a 360, refill, then crit the absolute heck out of the enemy.
    Step 5: Practice
    Keep practicing so you can become a god some day, practice makes perfect, right? :)

    Good day

    Oh hi

    stimpy cheats

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    gg this is gonna help a lot of people realize how hard pvp is :>
    i w tap a lot and mostly i get kicked becuase of the bug lol.