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By StylZ on 21 Jul 2016 at 16:28
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    Hello players,

    We have made some changes to main server and have some information we would like to share with you all in this update!

    More sellable items!

    You are now able to sell more items and blocks using /sell hand!
    There will be many more resources for you to obtain money from.. It's time to get rid of those leftover items in your chests. :wink:

    Use /worth on any item to check the item's selling price!

    More crafting recipes!
    Introducing… More custom recipes!

    More items and blocks are craftable with new recipes! This includes some of the unobtainable items such as packed ice and endstone.

    We have made some changes to a few (yes, only few) vanilla recipes. Don’t worry, we didn’t change any vanilla crafting recipe shapes to ensure there's no confusion among players.

    We proudly present to you a new type of custom recipe, custom Furnace recipe!

    We added all recipes in 2 phases. The first phase has already been implemented in the Early July update, now we will introduce second phase.
    You can now check out the new crafting recipe here:

    We plan to roll out more custom recipes in future. If any of you have any custom recipe ideas, do create a thread in the Suggestion Section of the forums!

    Server shop - Back in business!
    After a few months of waiting, the server shop built by ProtatoFTW and FlyMonk is now open!

    Players can now buy resources from our shop using /go shop!

    The shop sells some unobtainable items such as packed ice, acacia logs and purpur blocks as well!

    However, the shop should only be used as a last resort. Players are still strongly encouraged to work hard to obtain their resources in the minecraft world itself.
    Shut up and take my money!

    Prism in the Games Server
    Recent game server bugs have been brought to our attention especially cases of players exploiting bugs to grief server maps.

    It is a serious offence as it ruins the maps, disrespects the mapmakers and the map may be unplayable because of this.

    While we look for the cause of this problem, Prism will be installed in the games server to allow us to keep track and fix the damage easily.

    Anyone caught exploiting this bug will be severely punished even if they've only griefed one block.

    Furthermore, anyone caught assisting in these bug exploits will also be severely punished as it violates:
    Section 2 (Global server rules),
    Sub Section(C),
    Offences Pertaining to Network and Its System,

    Players are strongly encouraged to report any grief in any maps using Prism at the Abuse Report Section of the forums.

    Players should not be claiming lands near the Server Spawn
    The staff team may need spaces to place new buildings near the new spawn. If there are players claiming near it, we will not be able to construct future builds. As a result, we may have to delay the progress to sort things out with the faction owners. To prevent such a case from happening again, we will forcibly overclaim any faction lands obstructing our server hub's construction/development.

    This announcement will be a heads up to all the faction bases near the server hub, if their lands are obstructing any new server building construction, we have right to overclaim it.

    Upcoming Feature: Enchantment Shop
    We are currently planning to add an enchantment shop for players. However before we start implementing it, we will need to discuss it in-depth for prices, etc.

    We are planning to roll up more new features in future. Stay tuned to this announcement for more information and updates!

    Thanks for reading!

    Xeal Gaming Network
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by StylZ, 21 Jul 2016.

    1. ItsJir
      What if it was accidental? Like in PvP
    2. 753zXc
      acacia wood is obtainable now
    3. icebananapop
      What are the new things that can be sold to the server Good Sir Stylz?
    4. 753zXc
      u check it one by one xD
    5. icebananapop
      No list? HolyBanana! T.T
    6. StylZ
      If put it back, then it is forgivable.
      So I suppose this affects Vigilante?
    8. Skaijie
      i built a massive station near. i cri

      EDIT: can build underground or not? since most server builds are overground
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    9. ItsJir
      How bout grass and leaves? How would they put it back?
    10. FruitNinja
    11. 753zXc
      gud question, u started to make the staffs afraid to reply at u xD
    12. FruitNinja
      Ohh question:

      When will Xeal be updated to 1.10? I'm looking forward for that.
    13. 753zXc
      me 2 :D*:D*:D*
    14. Bernard
      Gratz on first announcement haha

      Btw Podzol should be craftable with dirts and water bucket. Might be posting a suggestion thread soon :)
    15. ExtinctPlayer
      I claimed the land beside the new xeal land long ago faction named Scylence so pls dun over claim it cause is u guys building towards my faction
    16. ChimneySwift11
      I feel like you should get money in the miner job for mining quartz.
    17. Portalception
      Seriously you guys, I try to focus on my studies and come back to check the forums only to get excited to visit the new stuff.... damn u xeal stop distracting me

      Jk nu ben hemmur pl0x
      I'll be glad to Style ;)

      Just how much u goin gib me <3
    19. wwhalehunter
      time to hunt some more materials XD
      Thanks for the update~ :D