More Updates + Bridges Is Back!

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By Wuggle on 28 Sep 2015 at 04:34
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    Hello all!

    In the most recent server update, these features have been added/changed to in the network:
    • Bridges Events Server Schedule (/event)
      • Only runs if Hunger Games event is not running
      • 7:30PM Everyday, 6.00PM on Fri, Sat and Sun
    • Hunger Games Server Schedule (/event)
      • Only runs if Bridges event is not running
      • 2:30PM Everyday, 12PM on Sat and Sun
    • New map for One in The Quiver - Towers ("/go oitq" on main)
    • New /effects command to check potion effects of a player
    • Anti-Combat Logging plugin added to Lobby server for SurvivalGames
    • PlotSquared updated (several bug fixes, hopefully including out of memory bug)
    • AAC plugin updated (several bug fixes)
    • SurvivalGames plugin updated (several bug fixes)
    • Jobs plugin updated (several bug fixes)
    • Auto-restart on any server crashes (hopefully)
    We hope you enjoy the small update!
    Stay tuned for KitBattle (KitPvP) on the lobby server!

    Keep us going by donating to us on our donation webstore!
    The SG50 Donation Sales ends on 30 September!

    If you have any queries or bugs to report, please feel free to raise them on our help and support section on the forums.

    Thank you!

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 28 Sep 2015.