New Towny Survival Server Releasing Tonight

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    Hello everyone!

    At 12:00AM 6/28/2018, Axisrealm Survival Server will be available for alpha testing for everyone!

    Users who join during this period will receive an exclusive alpha title that will stay with you even during beta and official release!

    It has been awhile since you heard from me and my previous server, Astensity, closure and though it was abrupt, we are planning to bring back our community and start hosting servers again.

    This time, we promise an even better experience. Yes, I know, the servers I hosted has just been going up and down, whenever there is something new it just keep ending.
    Mistakes were made but we will not repeat them again. Along with our new host, we have changed how we are going to manage things.

    Server will no longer go down at unexpected period of time just for a small update, instead we will have another server to test new updates and we will roll the update every month once we feel that the test server is stable enough.

    I am happy to introduce to you our new network, Axisrealm, and I am hereby inviting you to join us in our alpha testing. We are also working on Skyblock, Factions and Prison. We have the server setup already, we just need to change a few stuff before being able to release it.

    Come join us in our new Discord channel and visit us at our website

    Any updates regarding Axisrealm will be posted there!

    Axisrealm will begin alpha testing in less than an hour from when I am writing this.
    Do note that there will be a reset after Alpha testing. There will be no reset for Beta testing onwards.

    Survival IP :

    Can't wait to see you on the server!
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