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Discussion in 'School Related' started by Slicendicez, 21 Oct 2016.

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    Haiii guys, its me (mario).

    Its been a long time ever since i have posted anything on xeal forum as im having my O level this year. Im sure many of you (have, is having or will be having) your O level and let me tell you, it is a MAJOR chapter in your life that will be forever remembered deeply in your heart.

    I am writing this thread as a way to pay tribute to Xeal cessation, as im sure many of you are sadden by this and the days of playing in Xeal will never be forgotten.

    Firstly, i hope you guys are still doing well be it in your studies or your life and good luck to those having O level this year.

    Secondly, i hope this thread will serve as a place for Ex-player of xeal to record their memories of playing on xeal and their schooling experience. Feel free to share your experience in xeal or your journey throughout your secondary school life with others.

    cheers :)
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