Pre-wipe And Early April Updates

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By Wuggle on 4 Apr 2016 at 01:38
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    Hey guys,
    Here are some small updates to Xeal Gaming for early April 2016!

    1. Commendation system removal
      • All previous commendations are now invalid
      • Commendation is no longer required for ranks except for Legend and Admin
    2. Main Server's World and Items reset for 1.9 update
      • Except for tokens, Main server's world and items will be completely resetted during the 1.9 update, no migration will be carried out.
      • If you have any token shop items, you are advised to approach a Moderator for a full refund, only the stated buyer of the item can request for a refund, all refunds will be recorded to prevent duplicate refund requests.
    3. MC1.9.2 testing begins...
      • We have started testing the 1.9.2 update to make sure plugins run smoothly.
      • Do look forward to the update in two to three weeks from now!
    4. Renaming of servers during their revamps
      • Main server will be renamed to Factions
      • Plots server will be renamed to Creative
      • Lobby server will be renamed to Hub
    5. Termination of inactive staff members
      • The following staff members have been demoted to their old ranks to make way for new staff due to their inactivity: DeJoker, Mattias2020, lRaiinbowl, Tarence, MCAaron19, coolbayrock123.
      • Qualified players should apply for the Helper rank as we are facing a staff shortage at the moment.
    6. Future plans for market economy
      • Our next market will be a GUI market showing the individual items, with the lowest priced item of a type showed.
      • We will be phasing out the current physical market system.

    There may be more that I have missed out and I will add them to the list.

    Thank you.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 4 Apr 2016.

    1. ScoobySharky
      1st first uno etc etc
    2. iMinecraft

      Love u Wug

      ps no gay affection
    3. battleaxe07
      Im out. Bye guys....
    4. Ender
      Q.Q Rip all op stuff and heads i own
    5. iMinecraft
      :( Why no migration when we vote.......
    6. Equixon
      on the bright side we could just restart lol maybe it isn't so easy to migrate everything over
    7. iMinecraft
      Yeah, but all efforts that we put in for the past few years. Imagine going to the best company and you're awarded with the best staff award, then everyone gets fired.
    8. rimone
    9. Diana0523
      Lol he's just so happy
    10. shadow1303
      Can the market sell everything that exist in minecraft including dragon eggs?
    11. waynekhr
      Walao dey.
      What about the money in our balances?
      Be more specific leh
    12. CashJ_Fire
      Ikr... I so happeh.

      I will try to go to xeal.. If my internet is still shitty, i will wait for the answer of my parent's decision making on getting another internet router. 1 for meh and 1 4 dad :D
    13. azreena

      Dear Wuggle,
      I would like to clarify a couple of points regarding the world migration.
      Firstly, since the world will be reset, will the players reset/migrate to 1.9? i.e will enderchest items and on-player inventory will be affected?
      Secondly, will player stats remain? Meaning to say; job stats, player money balance, faction power//bal and factions themselves.
      Would appreciate it if you could answer (or any staff on the behalf for that matter), thank you!
    14. kokochichi
    15. xJessica
      Or maybe we can exchange our balance for tokens? :] not everyone have tokens at least they can start preparing to sell their stuff since we are not able to migrate stuff over at least existing players have something to bring over to the new world? :] Just a suggestion :/ probably "No" :/
      And only the buyer of the token stuff can get a i think its only fair that donator status that are given to players from a friend are not transferable to the new world too...because "1" such sponsor is abusing his no death penalty and kept on killing people during events for no reason and not paying the full penalty to the victim. Just my personal thought..decision still lies with the staff..
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    16. Gavin
      Migration with item wipe meaning to say, you got to start all over again. There is an exception for Donors with their token equips, but their equips will convert to tokens. I think player stats will remain the same.
    17. waynekhr
      So our balances will be gone?
      Then what's the point of using tokens to sell etc whatever ding dang dong chong song long bong
    18. Tushady
      Dammit full wipe? I thought we agreed on item migration? TT go cri
      --- Double Post Merged, 4 Apr 2016 ---
      Bal wipe too? Whyyyyyyy??? TT
    19. Fiery
      When is the 1.9 update? o_O