Scheduled Update: 1.9.2 (and Qna)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 7 Apr 2016.

By Wuggle on 7 Apr 2016 at 00:04
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    Hello people!

    As some of you may have known, we will be updating our entire network to 1.9.2. Our date planned for the update is tentatively 20 Apr 2016 (which happens to fall on a Wednesday). The date is subject to changes so please do check back often.

    If there are any major plugins that do not work, the server update scheduled date will be delayed. Any minor plugins that break due to the update will be disabled until an update is found.

    Please do take note of the following:

    1. We will reset Main Server's world data, player inventory, ender chest and in-game cash balance, BUT all active player ranks, /stats data and all tokens will be retained.
    2. We will not be resetting Plots, Wars, and the Games server for the time being.
    3. If you have purchased items from the token shop, you are eligible for a refund by approaching a Moderator or Admin online BEFORE THE WIPE.
    4. All items, including heads, monster eggs, player heads or enchanted items obtained through donation bonuses (other than tokens) will not be eligible for any refunds.
    5. Any player caught asking for refunds to a duplicated item or has the intention to game the refund process will be punished severely on a case-by-case basis.
    We are resetting the Main Server in order to re-create a more balanced, less inflated and less overpowered environment and focus on a better gameplay experience for everyone.

    With that said, this announcement will also serve as a question and answer thread.

    If you have any queries or doubts to clarify, please do so in the comments section of this announcement post. Our approachable and helpful staff members will be there to answer your uncertainties.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 7 Apr 2016.

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    1. John
      Will our own inventory be kept?

      ^when wifi is too slow to edit

      How will the 'migration' be processed? Do you teleport all online players into a new world, remove their inventory and delete/remove the old world?
    2. Wuggle
    3. Tushady
      How would you describe the new economy (in detail pls)? Would the server still out of air or based on gathered resources? Would jobs stats be wiped or jobs be removed? How does the new market system look like?...etc....
    4. Wuggle
      Preferably operated by a player market that facilitates a balanced economy. Of course, there will be a server shop where you can sell your items to at a low price, or purchase items at an exorbitantly high price to encourage the use of a player-run market. There will be non-overpowered enchantments from the enchantment shop and a fair system (such as jobs or the like) where players can work for in-game cash, while not over-inflating the economy.

      When the server is stopped, the old world is removed, and the new world is generated, no migration will take place.
      Wuggy, can we convert cash into tokens?

      If yes, conversion rate?
    6. battleaxe07
      Can normal players refund the items bought from token shop?
    7. iMinecraft
      I really hope it's 1 token = $20000
    8. GoodLuckCharlie
      If the other servers aren't reset, then does that mean they're still in 1.9.2?
    9. Skaijie
      Do the faction stats reset?
    10. shadow1303
      Games and event got update or not?
    11. Bernard
      @Wuggle can I convert money for token. Even 50k per 1 will be best...
      or 20k
    12. azreena
      2016* warg still stuck in the past.. sed
      Last edited: 7 Apr 2016
    13. Wuggle
      oopsies fixed.
      yes they will be updated to 1.9, or disabled if anything breaks.
      yes they will still be updated.
    14. Tushady
      What's the deal with inflation anw? I dont see how it makes for a worse game experience? Pls enlight!
    15. Wuggle
      "The balloon is going to burst and we r going 2 die" -naan 2k16
    16. Tushady
      Reported 4 lulz... :p
    17. azreena
    18. naanthebread
      Uh what I actually meant was that.. the current players are getting richer and richer, causing them to be able to buy items easily and really pull ahead from the newbies with their super high balances and op items. Because of this, there's sort of no challenge for us to 'survive' because we already have so much money sitting around. That's my opinion on how it ruins gameplay for all players. :")

      @azreena Ah, there's been a change in decision. Normal players will be able to refund their items as long as it's from the token shop and the item states their username as the buyer.
    19. Imranos
      I'm still in doubt and there hasn't been an official confirmation (if I'm not mistaken). Is skyblock going to be reset too? What'll happen to it?
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