Scheduled Update: 1.9.2 (and Qna)

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By Wuggle on 7 Apr 2016 at 00:04
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    Hello people!

    As some of you may have known, we will be updating our entire network to 1.9.2. Our date planned for the update is tentatively 20 Apr 2016 (which happens to fall on a Wednesday). The date is subject to changes so please do check back often.

    If there are any major plugins that do not work, the server update scheduled date will be delayed. Any minor plugins that break due to the update will be disabled until an update is found.

    Please do take note of the following:

    1. We will reset Main Server's world data, player inventory, ender chest and in-game cash balance, BUT all active player ranks, /stats data and all tokens will be retained.
    2. We will not be resetting Plots, Wars, and the Games server for the time being.
    3. If you have purchased items from the token shop, you are eligible for a refund by approaching a Moderator or Admin online BEFORE THE WIPE.
    4. All items, including heads, monster eggs, player heads or enchanted items obtained through donation bonuses (other than tokens) will not be eligible for any refunds.
    5. Any player caught asking for refunds to a duplicated item or has the intention to game the refund process will be punished severely on a case-by-case basis.
    We are resetting the Main Server in order to re-create a more balanced, less inflated and less overpowered environment and focus on a better gameplay experience for everyone.

    With that said, this announcement will also serve as a question and answer thread.

    If you have any queries or doubts to clarify, please do so in the comments section of this announcement post. Our approachable and helpful staff members will be there to answer your uncertainties.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 7 Apr 2016.

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    1. Cyardasa
      If player data is being reset, how about the (manually granted) faction powerboost? Will that be null and void, or will it be reimbursed once the world is reset?
    2. GoodLuckCharlie
      I actually change my mind about 1.9. It seemed like a good update (except for the PvP aspect). It adds a lot of new items, some of which are helpful and some of which are completely useless. However, I'm enjoying the update, especially for survival mode. However, I hope you don't update the games server, because Minecraft 1.9 PvP is bad.
    3. pupu1134
      what about the builds can the build be save and moved to the new world ?
    4. NifflerSeeker
      Currently we are only going to reset the main world. Wars server was opened recently, thus it won't be reset anytime soon.


      New world will be updated on 20/04/2016.

      Re-redeem ability of donation rewards are still under discussion. Keep checking the forums for further updates on the issue.
    5. kongx89
      1.9 its happening im now happy
    6. CashJ_Fire
      not now :3 at apr20 :D
    7. Solovekevan
      Will our /vr rewards claim be saved?
      Will skyblock stay?

      --- Double Post Merged, 11 Apr 2016 ---
      1. /menu
      2. Click Virtual Shops
      3. Click Token Shop
      4. The emeralds is the token=$$$
      (50 Token=$5,000 (Pretty bad deal) 100 Token=$10,000 500 Token-$50,000 As is like 1 Token=$100)
    8. battleaxe07
      Its Cash to tokens, not tokens to cash :3
    9. wanderlust96
      See you in the new world! Arrrgh!

      Cheers, matelots!
    10. Ninteen
      Updating to 1.9 is totally fine with me. World wipe is always a new start and I'm happy with all the decisions making that Xeal staff made but I just hope Skyblock will not be reset as my island is the first top in main :/ yah glad that is not resetting :p
      ( Sorry for reading this thread late )

    11. BSFirefighter
      RIP million dollar weapons :<
    12. Adriel
      Just to check, how much monetary value will we be given after the wipe? It is for my own budget plans... :drool:
      (If this question has been asked before, I apologise.)
    13. ChimneySwift11
      1. Will we be allowed to go to the end?
      2. If not, how do we get elytras?
      3. Will Silk Touch be added to the new armour shop?
    14. iMinecraft
      Just a question. Are we able to convert our cash into tokens?

      Let's say the TokenShop have this rate, I forgot

      You give 5 token = $25,000
      You give $50,000 = 5 token

      Liddat can?
      I luv my money but it's better to lose some via the rate.
    15. Xardnud
      Take some time to read the previous comments.
    16. battleaxe07
      Can we like.. have a free creative mode on 19 april? So we blow stuff in main..
    17. iMinecraft
      sigh, no conversion to tokens by cash
    18. tomato
      All that random people griefing stuff might just ruin someones idea of a peaceful last day of xeal :(
    19. FadedFlow
      Sharpness 8 Sword :(
    20. Bernard
      @Wuggle can you move the update til 1st may or smth ? I wanna finish my house for adept application :)
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