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By Wuggle on 14 May 2016 at 07:56
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    Hey guys,

    This update notice will be the first of two notices this month, please do read and keep yourself updated on the changes that has been made to Xeal Gaming Network.

    Jobs Re-Introduction
    As you may have heard from the previous announcement, we are re-introducing jobs back into the Main Server in a few days time. As a change, players will now be able to hold only one job. We will re-introduce the jobs one by one with revised profits, starting from Terraformer!

    Weekly Player Meetings
    We will be having player meetings on our TeamSpeak server to give players an opportunity to have a nice conversation with the staff members once every two weeks, on Wednesdays.
    Please refer to our meeting schedules for more information

    Global Chat Feedback
    We have added global chat to the network, allowing all players to talk across servers, please tell us how you like/dislike it by giving us comments on it below!
    (Provides a community-bonding and manageability, at the expense of spam and /f c)

    Reworking Donations
    In order to achieve compliance with the EULA set by Mojang on donations, we will cease receiving donations for the time being while we work on coming up with new donation packages that do not have an unfair advantage over non-donating players.
    (You may still donate now, and receive the donation packages only after we're done)

    New Spawn for Main
    We will be migrating to a new spawn built by @reapjaw
    You may warp to the new spawn by doing /go newspawn while in-game.

    That's all for now, look out for our next announcement this month!

    Thank you.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 14 May 2016.