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Discussion in 'Rejected/Invalid' started by SoWwY01, 22 Aug 2016.

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  1. SoWwY01

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    14 Aug 2016
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    MC Player:
    Real Name: Shi Wenyi

    Minecraft Name: SoWwY01

    Votes for the Server: 29

    Total Playtime: 36 hours, 31 minutes

    About Me: 17-year-old guy from Singapore (not sure what to say here)

    Why I Should Get the Rank:
    (Apologies for the long preamble)
    Xealgaming is one the few minecraft servers located in Singapore that admits players who do not own a copy of the minecraft game. Needless to say, being a penniless teen such as myself, I was greatly excited by this new opportunity to play on a non-laggy server and maybe meet a new group of friends. Upon login, I was surprised that one the few players online actually greeted me and ushered me into this well-built server staffed by competent individuals who are efficient at carrying out their responsibilities. I was immediately drawn to the close-knit community, (partly caused by a controversial decision to update the server to 1.9, but that is beside the point) and launched into exploration.

    To my surprise, this isn't like most other faction servers we see around, promoting raiding, PVP and rivalry between factions, but rather creates a peaceful co-existence of all factions and groups of players online, making socialising and interactions more possible between players. Admins and staff members are very approachable and friendly to all queries, and players who go against existing rules are dealt with efficiently. That was when I decided to invest time and effort into this server.

    To consolidate my standing in this standing and establish myself as a reputable member of the Xealgaming community, I attempted to create convenience for fellow faction members of the Vanetti faction by using my own resources brought over from previous mining expeditions to create a (failed) semi-auto mob farm. I believe several members of the community have inspected my (ugly) creation and have given me advice on how to improve my builds. Although this attempted contribution to bring convenience was a flop in the end, I believe the experience has enriched my knowledge, which I would actively employ to assist the community in other ways. For instance, I also planned on constructing other agricultural structures in order to solve the food problems and better the experience of those who play on this server. When asked for help, I would almost always readily render my assistance and lend a helping hand whenever possible. I believe that with the initiate rank and various conveniences associated with that rank, such as more sethomes, I will be better able to help the community, I.E. creating more structures publicly available to all that I previously was not able to accommodate in my sethome lists.

    Thank you for your time in reading through this application.

    P.S. I have pre-empted several questions that you may ask (usually)

    1. Multi-accounting is not allowed on this server, be it intended to increase faction power, store currency, evade restrictions imposed by a staff member or conceal illegally obtained assets.
    2. Entering restricted areas is not allowed. Entering restricted areas may be defined as the use of any method to enter areas closed off to the public without permission from authority or staff members.
    3. Creation of lag is not allowed. Creation of lag may be defined as the use of redstone devices or otherwise to intentionally or unintentionally overload or inflict damage on the server.
    4. Evasion of bans is not allowed. Evasion of bans is defined as usage of any measures to circumnavigate disciplinary actions meted out to a player
    5. Exploitation of loopholes is not allowed. Exploitation of loopholes may refer to the use of bugs, glitches or any method to receive items, money or assets for personal gain or any reason.

    In-game Commands
    1. /balance : Shows the balance of the player executing the command
    2. /sethome (name) : Create a checkpoint returnable by the usage of /home (name) for the player executing the command.
    3. /tpa (name) : Send a teleportation request from the player executing the command to (name). May be cancelled due to excessive movement during teleportation or teleport cooldowns (I.E. /f home, /warp, /tpa usage)
    4. /warp (name): Warp the player to a location set by authority or staff members.
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    MC Player:
    I would kindly advice you to re-read the guidelines again before you write apps.


    + Another reason I would like you to take note is,

    Don't include too much un-relevant information. I'd rather read a short but meaning full application then an exam essays.
    Long application are accepted, but please make sure it is meaningful.

    Or in a simple words, your app contain too much unwanted information(especially in paragraph 1 & 2)
    These parts contains unwanted information, we want to know what you have done to server not the introduction.

    Also do remember this, longer apps doesn't mean you will have higher chance to get accepted.

    With that said, rejected. Try again after 3 more days(26/8/16).
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