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    Here is a non-exhaustive list of the various responsibilities of the Xeal Staff Team


    • Educate, assist, guide and welcome players who are new to the server
    • Maintain peace by enforcing mutes on chat-abusive players
    • Create abuse reports on players who break rules
    • Surveillance players to ensure that players are not in violation of any rules
    • Assist their higher-ups in testing new functionalities or report any current bugs
    • Plan and create aesthetically pleasing builds that meet needs of the server
    • Assist in creating current projects or modify current builds.
    • Advise players on how they can improve builds when asked
    • Take up projects issued by their higher-ups
    • Ensure law and order on the server by enforcing reasonable punishments
      • On players who have broken rules and have been reported by a player
      • On players who have been caught breaking rules by moderators
    • Carry out rollbacks for victims of vandalism/griefing, if applicable
    • Assist players experiencing difficulty when
      • There is an absence of Helpers
      • When Helpers are unable to assist the players
    • Moderate the forums and review certain rank applications, where asked to
    • Create reports for bans they have made, clearly stating any relevant information
    • Reports to the Head Moderator or Administrators of Xeal Gaming
    • All the responsibilities of a moderator unless explicitly stated otherwise, and...
    • Ensure that the all servers are operating functionally
    • Update players on current events on the forums
    • Host engaging and entertaining events for players
    • Should propose any beneficial modification to the server
    • Keep the Owners informed of any bugs in the server
    • Reports to the Manager or Owners of Xeal Gaming
    Any changes, if made, is at the discretion of the Manager or Systems Administrator of Xeal Gaming.
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