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By Wuggle on 24 Sep 2015 at 05:21
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    Hey guys,

    SurvivalGames Stats has been resetted to allow for new competition.

    A new SurvivalGames Arena with the name of
    Volcano has been added to the map pool!

    We are now updated to SurvivalGames 4.5! (Previously version was 3.9)

    In addition to the new arena, the following features have also been updated/added:
    • Ability to set bounty on other players
    • All arenas have been reconfigured
    • Grace period has been reduced to 30 seconds
    • Player waiting time has been reduced to 60 seconds
    • Prices in the SG Sponsor Shop and Shop has been increased
    • SG Map - Chilly has been resetted to its original state with a new DM arena
    • Wasteland and Estate arenas have been removed from the map pool
    • Minimum items in a chest (tier 1 and 2) has been decreased
    • Players will now get 1 token upon winning an SG game
    • Patrons will now get 3 tokens upon winning an SG game (so you should donate)
    • Achievements have been added (gives you coins for reaching a milestone)
    • Advanced rollback has been added
    • ...and many more for you to find out!
    Also fixed:
    • Inventory not dropping on death for two arenas
    • Volcano's deathmatch arena
    • TNTs damaging terrain when not supposed to

    Please report any bugs you encounter!

    Thank you!

    (I spent three hours on this xD)
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 24 Sep 2015.

    1. FruitNinja
      Yay @Wuggle Bravo! What's the use of tokens though? And please increase tracking distance.
    2. Charadrake
      TOKENS? Woooooo

      gg woogle :D
    3. ProtatoFTW
      Stragay n iHarm be like: HOLY SHYD ILL BE A MILLIONAIRE
      --- Double Post Merged, 24 Sep 2015 ---
      edit: why post this right before sa2 xd
    4. Trigon2528
      Yay! New maps! So excited to play them!!!
    5. rimone
      Wow wug i cant believe ask people to donate for patron and get 3 tokens wow
    6. Fiery
      I used to think wug wasn't much of a moneyface. God damn I was wrong :(
    7. Zero
      "so you should donate"

    8. Wuggle
    9. battleaxe07
      You spent three hours but people read it like 10 seconds. So hurts XD
    10. pupu1134
      Welp I tried to reduce the eco but meh gave up everyone earning too fast now shop prices increase lol.
    11. FruitNinja
      I'm pissed off at the leaderboard :(
    12. ItsJir
      #Hype anyone wonder why today on the day of Huahwi's return :P @Strafey
    13. Factively
      yass all the recommended fixes and features are added c: Thank you very much @Wuggle and the Staffs representatives of Xeal :3
    14. ProtatoFTW
      1. tokenz r used for items such as
      sharp 20 diamond sword
      full diamond set like prot 20 i think >.>
      2. no [email protected] 75 blocks is g00d enuf
    15. ItsJir
      Maybe increase it to 80 blocks?
      Protection and sharpness 20? One chestplate with protection 20 and a sword with sharpness 20 is already enough to be a god there. Unless you really have bad latency and can barely land a hit.
    16. battleaxe07
      1. Lets just say tokens used for OP stuffs. No 20 enchants on it :v
      2. Yeah. I think we should add more distance. Its bad for the nubs dud. Like me. Makes it easy for people to find us
    17. ProtatoFTW
      who even added god apples? they are too op and must be removed. period. (as in a noob can easily kill someone with strong person with strong armor and weapons)
      whoever eats a god apple gets regen 2 for like 30 seconds, resistance and absorption. tell me thats not op and its found in tier 1
      chests. ._.
      @Wuggle can you please increase the tracking distance on the Compass from 75 blocks to 100 blocks? If it is at 75 blocks then I might as well stand there and see my opponents from afar...
    19. FruitNinja
      Too much OPness.