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By Wuggle on 5 Sep 2016 at 01:51
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    Hey guys,

    In light of our recent events relating to our Minecraft Network, we have decided to keep the forums and community alive by introducing a few new changes.

    Community Staff Positions
    We are introducing a new set of staff positions for our community. Notably, we have introduced the Content Curator and Content Editor roles, which will be responsible for filling up this section with noteworthy information or even give their opinion on the relevant updates in the gaming scene to keep us updated.

    Forums Restructuring
    You may have noticed that the forums have been re-organised! You may now discuss about other games and servers in our new forum located on our discussions section. You may also want to provide ideas to the community or host your events/giveaways while using Xeal Gaming as a platform. In addition, the old Minecraft Matters forum has been archived and can be found here

    We hope that these changes will be well-received by the community.

    Thank you.

    Community Manager
    Xeal Gaming Community
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Discussion in 'Community Articles' started by Wuggle, 5 Sep 2016.