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By Wuggle on 21 Apr 2016 at 01:20
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    UPDATE: Stats plugin has been removed. We will be using /onlinetime to check for playtime and /vr stats to check for your voting stats.

    Hello guys!

    As you may have heard, we started our update process on 20 Apr.

    This thread will serve as a platform for our players to view our 1.9 update status for our servers and view the known reported bugs.

    Update Progress
    (Progress bar not to scale)
    Lobby Server - Updated to 1.9 with no known bugs
    Progress: (99%)

    Main (Factions) Server - Most major bugs are addressed
    Progress: (95%)

    Games Server - Requires extensive testing to find bugs
    Progress: (90%)

    Wars Server - Requires extensive testing to find bugs
    Progress: (90%)

    Plots Server - Requires extensive testing to find bugs
    Progress: (90%)

    Events Server - Update process has not started
    Progress: (0%)

    Known Bugs
    • Main server's nether is causing player clients to crash
    • Stats plugin does not work, requires resetting or changing plugin
      • We will be using /onlinetime to track playtime from now on
      • We will be using /vr stats to track votes from now on
    • Armour cannot be equipped on the Main (Factions) server
    • Anti X-Ray does not work
    • Old voting rewards may have been brought over
    • MoreSounds plugin, for sounds, does not work and has been removed
    • AAC (suspected to be) blocks stone and wood pickaxes from breaking ore blocks.
    • Tokens command does not work, balance can be checked on tab list, though.
    Players are advised to report more bugs they may find.

    If they are unable be fixed immediately, they will be added to the list above for further review. If you believe you have found an exploit or a security flaw, please send Wuggle a private message on the forums instead of replying to this announcement.

    Thank you,

    Founder/Systems Administrator
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 21 Apr 2016.

    1. Factively
      There's actually a loophole through this. Don't be so self-minded lol. Yes, actually I agree that kitbattle is now impossible to play with 1.9's pvp aspect and generally how it works, making everyone impossible to kill each other because of the hit delay, tweaked weapon damage, etc. BUT, there are plenty of other plugins that are actually available and stable to reverse this problem and will satisfy everyone's needs in games. As pvp is the largest aspect in the Games Server, I don't know what strategy @Wuggle would do to maintain players in Games, because yes, games is also a part of Xeal. Thus, as a developer myself, I've created a forum post on suggesting how'd the developers can revert to 1.8's pvp mechanism while still running the server on spigot 1.9.2 build.

      Here's the possible tweak that can be done to revert while maintaining on 1.9.
    2. Factively
    3. reapjaw
      The issue has been talked before and everything has come down to a conclusion. I don't know why the debate is still going on. Yea maybe you are a fanatic pvp'r and maybe 1.9 does change everything. And as u said the games server is all about kitpvp (maybe for you and all other "only" pvp players) but not the regular ones. What if I want to play hide and seek or oitq or something else. I would sure want to see the new features added including new blocks (for 1.9). So keeping 1.8 just for the sake of pvp? Nah. What about the other players who actual come to and play in xeal for other games too? You are calling the wrong guy self minded dude. Developer or not public interest do matter. Adapt- as the majority are saying this again and again. You gain nothing by keep talking about it. The idea of setting games server to 1.8 has already been rejected so many times. Live with it.
      OITQ is fine in any version so long as the plugin is there. But Hide and seek will have abit of problems, like it would take the seeker ages to kill the hider since there is a hit cooldown.
    5. reapjaw
      It would be in everyone's best interest if the banter about the games server was over as this is not a debate page. It's about server updates and bug fix-let's keep it to that shall we?
      --- Double Post Merged, 22 Apr 2016 ---
      Changing the weapon to hoe(as it has a considerably low cooldown in comparison as far as i remember) or making it a two hit kill...etc etc
      Last edited: 22 Apr 2016
    6. Tenelia
      If you haven't even considered the compatibility of this with the 40 other plugins used in Xeal, then are you even a developer? Or are you trying to tell us you're the developer for one of those plugins? If you are, then do consider testing your plugin for compatibility, but I highly doubt you're any kind of developer. Can you provide a comparison of the process that makes PVP a problem? If only jump to conclusions and personal attacks, I don't see how it is a problem.

      Oh, if you are a developer, then show us your git forks. Show us your resume. Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram doesn't make you a developer.

      P.S. Stop spamming quotes and double posting.

      They probably never will. I still don't see anyone who can properly write an account of why 1.8 is so good.
    7. Fuma_zenkum
      Like seriously the only players who supports 1.9 /games are the ones who dont even come on /games often. Plus the only games that people usually play on /games are kit battle, survival games, and hide and seek(rarely oitq). Those games are best to be played with 1.8 pvp mechanics. I seriously don't see the reason why wouldn't they want to keep /games in 1.8(or maybe 1.9 with 1.8 mechanics like what Factively said).
      Last edited: 22 Apr 2016
    8. CashJ_Fire
      what does this mean?
    9. Tenelia
      @Wuggle I'm experiencing rubber-banding with 5ms ping even with nobody else on server. Blocks pop in and out of existence. Plus I sometimes reappear back where I was even though I was mining for a while. Using iron pickaxes, btw.
    10. Factively
      Did you read what I actually said..? It's just an add-on to the server, a plugin based system that can be added to the Games. It won't change the "features" in 1.9 but just revert the pvp system. Everything else would be the same, there will still be new items etc.. And plus, the ones agreeing to the update on Games isn't players from it, itself. Because we all know how badly it can ruin Games as a whole.. It is a win-win for both the 1.9 interested players and 1.8 classical pvp players.

      --- Edit----
      I didn't want to double post but here's the update on the suggestion sub-forum post I created.


      Again, Thanks a lot @Wuggle for hearing us out!
      Last edited: 22 Apr 2016
    11. Aether
      *eats popcorn*

    12. Gavin
      joins in too, what popcorn your eating?
    13. Aether
      Sweet flavoured. Omnomnomnom
      So mainstream.. I'm eating Caramel flavored :P
    15. ChimneySwift11
      I like my popcorn buttered/salted I hate sweet food (I hate chocolate)
    16. battleaxe07
      Maan the war is already over.. :3

      Ey aeder, can i have some of your popcornz?
    17. ChimneySwift11
      Thx wug :)
    18. GoodLuckCharlie
      Btw, when are /stats and shops going to be added?
    19. reapjaw
      Well glad your suggestion was taking into account. I hope you work on the way u talk to ppl. Saying stuff like "Don't be so self-minded lol" to a guy who is much much older than you and is playing for quite a while doesnt make u a hero. Anyways happy mouse spamming.
    20. Wuggle
      The acceptance of the 1.8 pvp mechanics for games 1.9 is partly due to the fact that the plugin does not require separating our Games server (or downgrading the core version of the server back to MC1.8) from the Xeal Network of interconnected servers while being able to accomodate the concerns voiced out by our Games PvP community.

      Of course that being said, we're only trying out this plugin and we will see if this plugin deserves a place in the games server for the foreseeable future.

      (so pls stop argue ty)