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By Wuggle on 21 Apr 2016 at 01:20
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    UPDATE: Stats plugin has been removed. We will be using /onlinetime to check for playtime and /vr stats to check for your voting stats.

    Hello guys!

    As you may have heard, we started our update process on 20 Apr.

    This thread will serve as a platform for our players to view our 1.9 update status for our servers and view the known reported bugs.

    Update Progress
    (Progress bar not to scale)
    Lobby Server - Updated to 1.9 with no known bugs
    Progress: (99%)

    Main (Factions) Server - Most major bugs are addressed
    Progress: (95%)

    Games Server - Requires extensive testing to find bugs
    Progress: (90%)

    Wars Server - Requires extensive testing to find bugs
    Progress: (90%)

    Plots Server - Requires extensive testing to find bugs
    Progress: (90%)

    Events Server - Update process has not started
    Progress: (0%)

    Known Bugs
    • Main server's nether is causing player clients to crash
    • Stats plugin does not work, requires resetting or changing plugin
      • We will be using /onlinetime to track playtime from now on
      • We will be using /vr stats to track votes from now on
    • Armour cannot be equipped on the Main (Factions) server
    • Anti X-Ray does not work
    • Old voting rewards may have been brought over
    • MoreSounds plugin, for sounds, does not work and has been removed
    • AAC (suspected to be) blocks stone and wood pickaxes from breaking ore blocks.
    • Tokens command does not work, balance can be checked on tab list, though.
    Players are advised to report more bugs they may find.

    If they are unable be fixed immediately, they will be added to the list above for further review. If you believe you have found an exploit or a security flaw, please send Wuggle a private message on the forums instead of replying to this announcement.

    Thank you,

    Founder/Systems Administrator
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 21 Apr 2016.

      @Non-Pvpers shh. :P
    2. Wuggle
      Stats plugin has been replaced with BungeeOnlineTime, you may check your playtime (that has been resetted) by executing the command /onlinetime [playername]

      maybe you should be the one shh-ing.
    3. GoodLuckCharlie
      Nooo, playtime reset. @Wuggle, is there a thread showing the new commands on the updated server?
    4. Wuggle
      I'll make it if there's a need/popular demand for it.
    5. Slicendicez
      @Wuggle if you need player to test the game server, i am willing to help to test the games
      Same! Go study lah :P
    7. shadow1303
      @Wuggle plz give us a sneak peak or mention of what minigames will you add!
    8. ChimneySwift11
      Since playtime reset do we have to earn back the playtime if we want to apply for a rank?
    9. reapjaw
      Found a weird bug but it greatly affects resource collection. Oak wood is kinda hard to find with all the spruce trees around(not complaining about this though). The problem is when you try to grow an oak sapling, it just converts into a spruce tree(with oak saplings XD). This is weird. Poor oak trees TT
    10. iMinecraft
      Unable to go to virtual shops in /menu, halp.
    11. shadow1303
      And also, acacia is nowhere to be found
    12. huang junwei
      huang junwei
      Everyone is complaining about the kit pvp stuff... but do you guys know that the attack cooldown can be set to 0 using commands with the attribute modifier? U can simply apply the attribute to the weapon/armour and the cooldown can be disabled.
    13. Slicendicez
      Then whats the point of the update.
      What this aspect of pvp stays in minecraft?
      We have to adapt dude srsly
    14. huang junwei
      huang junwei
      erm.. i mean only apply the command for kitpvp.....
    15. Slicendicez
      yeah ik but then if minecraft updates to 1.10 and the pvp cooldown is still a part of it, we have to adapt to the pvping style so...... yeah
      p.s no offence