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By Turkey on 10 Jul 2016 at 12:36
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    Hi everybody!

    Today, I'll be talking briefly about some recent changes that were made to the server, as well as some incoming and long awaited features that I'm sure everyone will enjoy! We have implemented some suggestions made by you guys and also some things that we have foreseen to be an improvement to the server.

    Server shop
    The server shop has been built by our lovely builders @ProtatoFTW and @o0FlyMonk0o. It will be implemented soon, so keep your eyes peeled! There are going to be items that were previously unobtainable and some rare blocks like the new purpur blocks!

    New custom crafting recipes
    There will now be custom crafting recipes for some things that are rare or uncraftable, such as chorus fruits! A full list of crafting recipes are in the link down below and if we add more in the future they will be edited there as well. *Note that podzol and mycelium contain the same items but different shape. You can only craft mycelium with that specific crafting recipe shape.

    Faction power per player
    The faction power of each player has been raised to 20. You can now go ahead and claim more land for your faction to build on! Have fun building!

    Clarifications regarding the new sub account rule
    Since the previous update, sub accounts are now allowed again. But this privilege has been misused by players who have been using sub-accounts to farm in KitPvP/ Faction Power Claiming and AFK farming etc. These illegal actions will not be tolerated and it will be a permanent IP ban if one is caught. This rule is a privilege for people who wish to have different identities or have siblings/friends under the same IP, hence please do not abuse this. With that said, any offenders caught abusing sub accounts will be punished severely.

    Hostile wipes
    Hostile wipes no longer wipe minecarts! You can now leave your minecarts on rails without any worry of them despawning.

    Enchant shop
    The staff team are currently discussing prices on the enchantments of the enchant shop, and it will be implemented soon.

    Fishing rod plugin
    For all you pvp fanatics out there, the fishing rod plugin has been implemented in games! You now take fishing rod knockback in KitPvP.

    Games server 1.8 PvP Mechanic or 1.9 PvP Mechanic?
    We are thinking about removing the 1.8 PvP Mechanic plugin since the people who asked for it dont play anymore. However, we need the community's feedback before doing so, so vote down in the poll below!

    That's all for now, thanks for reading!

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Should we remove 1.8 PvP Mechanic Plugin since the players who asked for it don't play anymore?

Poll closed 17 Jul 2016.
  1. Yes, it should!

    6 vote(s)
  2. Yes, but add a new 1.8 PvP Kit to compensate it!

    19 vote(s)
  3. No, it shouldn't!

    8 vote(s)


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Turkey, 10 Jul 2016.

    1. Nick12345
      No wonder my minecarts keep disappearing
      I still play kitpvp at times.

      Also, to point it out again...

      1.9 kitpvp is virtually impossible unless there are some tweaks to it. Go think about it.
    3. YingHui
      Errmm...custom item recipes....Can add elytras??
      Notice me senpai sss
    4. battleaxe07
      i tried the 1.9 kit pvp, i cant even kill anyone and the fight really slow. The people already used to fast souping and in 1.9 theyr like unkillable, because hitting will be alot slower and the souping is alot faster than the hits. So i dont think changing back to 1.9 is a good thing xd

      And emm nice turk! Finally an announcement from ya xD
    6. Cyardasa
      Since minecarts wont be wiped by hostile wipe, can y'all stop villagers from being wiped too? Oh, and will the elytra be available in store (I know we can /fly but still it's stupidly fun to play with)
    7. YingHui
      Agree!! (The guy above me)/\/\
      | |
    8. Krakken
      Issue with villagers being wiped will be discussed with the other Staff members. As for elytras, we are still debating whether to put it up for sale in the server shop or create a custom recipe. Hence be patient as we will come to a consensus real soon. :)
    9. ExtinctPlayer
      What abt opening cases in sub account? U know can sell cases or open it
    10. ProtatoFTW
      watch out kids rodspammer69 is back on games
    11. Solovekevan
      Reply then
    12. Ninteen
      Thanks for the update!

    13. 753zXc
      but paintings are still removed by the hostile wipe, u know, paintings are good deco
    14. Nick12345

      No wonder my paintings disappear what a waste of materials
    15. Demon
      AFAIK, villagers are added to the list to prevent people from buying emeralds from them as it will cause economy inflation.
    16. jimmy2buc
      Throwing a suggestion here, maybe have a localised large village near spawn area so that we dont need to "claim" villages? That way everyone has access to it which would in turn lower or keep tabs on the price of emeralds
    17. Cyardasa
      The influx of emeralds from villagers is indeed quite bad for the economy. However, if villagers are going to be literally non-existent, the server's enchantment shop should sell frost walker and mending (can already see mending costing ridiculous amounts of $$) as the two enchantments are very rare (right now they're only obtainable through the stupidly low chance of fishing) and are mainly obtained through villager trading.
    18. KayceTron
      wait mending can't be found in enchants?
    19. 753zXc
      i also just realized this, last time i wonder why i cant get mending from enchanting books, like a dumb xD