Xeal June Updates

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By Wuggle on 18 Jun 2016 at 23:31
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    Hey guys,

    Here are the updates for this month! Some of them have been implemented, while others will be introduced soon. We hope that you enjoy these new updates as much work have been put in to it (mostly from @Edue).

    Discord as our new Voice Server
    After much consideration, we have decided to migrate from our old TeamSpeak server to a new Discord server with immediate effect. You can find links to join the new Discord server on the forums sidebar, or you can also join by going here (the link may expire). Please note that Discord account registration is required. Benefits of Discord over TeamSpeak includes more functionality, a better interface and no limitless user slots.

    Our TeamSpeak 3 server will cease its services with effect from 30 June 2016. Do hop on Discord to hang out with us! Skilled and all donor ranks will receive VIP ranks on the Discord server, VIPs will be given out on request if it is not given out within 3 days by an admin or moderator.

    Enforcement of Forum Rules
    Forum users who do not follow the forum rules breaking rules such as racking up posts by having nonconstructive posts or minimodders will be given warning points on the forums. Having too many warning points may have your access to the forum limited until the warning points expire. Warning points are given based on severity of offense, you have been warned!

    Mojang EULA Compliance
    We are working towards full Mojang EULA compliance since early May and we will release our new donation packages soon. Prices will be changed and existing donors may get a free rank upgrade (not confirmed, at the moment.) The new donor perks will be cosmetic upgrades such as pets and cool features such as trails, disguises, special particle effects, and others that will be announced closer to the date of release.

    Permissions Revamp
    Our permissions system is pending a revamp, this will unify all your ranks across all servers to reduce hassle and confusion the rankings system. This will also mean that we will have a unified rank applications section on the forums. More information will be released closer to the date of revamp! Stay tuned!

    Plugin Restored: AuctionHouse
    AuctionHouse had an undisclosed bug and has since been fixed by plugin updates. You may now access AuctionHouse by simply using the /ah command in the Main server to browse/buy/sell items on the virtual market!

    Rules Revamp
    Xeal Gaming Rules have been revamped and updated. You are advised to look at the updated rules, which have been revised by Edue and reviewed by myself. You are advised that if you break any of the new rules, you may be subjected to punishment that may lead to your access to limited server access.

    Notable rule changes include:

    • You may now use profanities in-game, but your profanity must not be targeted/directed at another player on the server.
    • You may not grief/raid property not belonging to a player in a pre-defined area claimed by a faction or in the vicinity of a locked chest or door.
    • Server advertising rule offenders will now be punished based on severity and intent of the perpetrator.
    • You may now use multiple accounts on the server

    Servers Revamp
    As Edue has previously announced, we will be revamping all our servers soon. SkyBlock will take the place of the Wars server, and more games will be introduced into Xeal! Stay tuned for more information about the revamp at Edue's network revamp spoilers thread!

    Thank you!

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 18 Jun 2016.

    1. GoodLuckCharlie
      Oh, okay. If my nether wart farm isn't claimed but it has locked chests around it, would it be considered griefing if someone broke it?
    2. Edue
      Yes, however you would have to place chests on all the chunks which are occupied by said structure.
    3. GoodLuckCharlie
      Ok, thanks for the info.
    4. shadow1303
      Why last time @XxStylexX said that u need to claim it to show ownership only?
    5. StylZ
      Things sometime will change.Last time when I said about that, that rules is still not yet enforced or finalized.
      So the word 'vicinity' in this case refers to the chunk in which the locked chest is located?
    7. Edue
      In that chunk only, yes.
    8. KelRayz
      When will the new skyblock server be implemented?
    9. Skaijie
      do i have to place the chests at build level?
    10. Bernard
      I don't know how discord works -.-
      Can't even join server and I don't have any friends even I asked ppl's discord tags
      My Discord tag is #4539
    11. Bernard
      nvr I just fgt to verify xd
    12. Xardnud
      I would love to know too
    13. naanthebread
      Thanks for noticing me <3
      Apparently they updated the rules for it.. you can go check dat.
    14. Xardnud
      Will do! :)
    15. tomato
      Wait........ If profanities are now allowed....... And I think I remember that the min age requirement here is 8 (or even lower) isn't this not PG13 anymore :/ plus if the Warriors and ragers in games find out they will invade main xD
      --- Double Post Merged, 29 Jun 2016 ---
      Since the world migration you do not get any starter money anymore so I Guess several accounts is allowed cuz that old multiple account 20k trick doesn't work anymore
    16. Nick12345
      What does it mean by unify all your ranks ?
      --- Double Post Merged, 10 Jul 2016 ---
      Oops sorry didn't mean to post that