Xeal Late April Update

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By Wuggle on 25 Apr 2016 at 00:28
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    Hey guys,

    Here's another list of updates that will be rolled out to Xeal Gaming Network in the next coming month or so!

    Xeal 1.9.2
    In Progress
    For progress updates on Xeal 1.9.2, please refer to our announcement thread for it.

    Stats Reset (Votes + Playtime)

    Stats plugin has been changed and the vote tracking count plugin has been changed. You should now do /onlinetime to track your new playtime and /vr stats to check your vote count. For the next two weeks, we will not take vote count into consideration for rank and staff applications and you will be allowed to quote your pre-wipe playtime. (Lying about playtime however, is punishable)

    Donation Sales
    ETA: End April

    We are in need of server funding, please support your favourite server! There will be a donation sales featuring bulk discounts and bonuses for donations, stay tuned for more information!

    Reintroduction of Jobs

    ETA: Early May
    Jobs plugin will be reintroduced into the Factions (Main) server with the following changes in order to reduce inflation: Wipe all stats from pre-wipe, limit player max jobs to 1 or 2, increased leveling difficulty and lowered payout curve. This is done to ensure that players can have an alternative source of income besides selling raw materials on AuctionHouse by the use of /ah or the traditional /sell.

    Server Shop and Donor Zone
    ETA: Early-Mid May

    The server shop and donor zone will be added to the Factions (Main) server in due course. The server shop will have a wide variety options for buyers but will come at a price premium.

    Custom Items and Boss Battles
    ETA: When Zal is happy with it

    We are testing with adding custom items that might be better then vanilla tools into the game, and to make these items only droppable by "bosses". Weigh in on this idea:

    Thats it for now, more may be added!

    signing off,
    Systems Administrator and your best friend

    Xeal Gaming Network
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wuggle, 25 Apr 2016.

    1. mali
      Hmm.. @Misty just mentioned about the prices at the skyblock shop. Are the prices gonna be updated or are they gonna remain the same as in 1.8? If it remains the same, it will be way harder for players to purchase dirt and many other items for their islands. o_O
    2. Bernard
    3. ChimneySwift11
    4. Bernard
    5. GoodLuckCharlie
      Not trying to rush the developers or anything, but when will the shops and jobs plugin be completed? May is already halfway through and on the original post, it says this should've been done by now. Not rushing, just curious.